Nightmare Before Christmas: Things That Make No Sense About Jack Skellington

Tim Burton's Jack Skellington from The Nightmare Before Christmas sure has skeletons in his closet. "Something's Up with Jack" is an understatement.

He's the much-beloved Pumpkin King, but Jack Skellington of Tim Burton's The Nightmare Before Christmas has plenty of skeletons in his closet. Halloween Town's de facto leader (depending on how you feel about the mayor) has so much wrong with him, in fact, that an entire song, "Something's Up With Jack," was sung about him in the film by his fellow citizens.

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Many of these issues are much more obvious than others, even serving as the heart of the film itself. However, others are so pervasive --in not just his culture, but our own-- that they even affect the real, live people who enjoy this macabre classic.

10 He Hires Lock, Shock And Barrel

Nightmare Before Christmas Lock Shock Barrel

Jack had to have known they would take Santa to Oogie Boogie as well, making Jack not only complicit in his fate, but also his torment.

9 He Doesn't Alter Santa's Look

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There is really no reason to have Santa's suit intact when everything else is obviously Halloween-themed. Perhaps Jack thinks it will help him blend in a bit, but since his ultimate goal is to "improve" Christmas, so shouldn't he do the same with the outfit?

8 He's Not The Hero

Sandy Claws Jack Skellington A Nightmare Before Christmas

Jack may not mean to be so destructive. He may have everyone's best interest at heart. Then again, if that's what he thinks is a healthy execution of a holiday, we just don't know what to tell him. He also doesn't even bother to ask if Santa wants a "vacation," as he promises to give him, or whether or not he has permission to "borrow" the holiday.

7 He's Only Got Four Fingers On Each Hand

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He also has a billion cameos, one of which puts him in a sunken ship (James and the Giant Peach). James was sailing from England to New York, so how did Jack's body get there? Where is Halloween Town, really?

6 A Random Grave Takes Him Home

Jack does go home to save Sally and Santa from Oogie Boogie, but it's a situation he put in motion in the first place. So his big "learning moment" that heroes are supposed to have... was just getting blown out of the sky.

5 He's Got Kids

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If this is the case, how did they reproduce in the first place, and why are they just skeletons and not hybrid monsters? Perhaps they were adopted, but the details are definitely unclear.

4 He Has A Pity Party 

Hamlet Shakespearean Quotations Jack Skellington A Nightmare Before Christmas

Then he suddenly declares that he did his best, and next year will be the best Halloween yet. Not only is there no real epiphany here, but there's no growth, which makes this movie that we all hold so dear rather pointless.

3 He Is A Terrible Leader

The Nightmare Before Christmas

When missiles are launched and people are screaming, Jack just assumes he's being thanked. He issues no apology for not listening to Sally or leaving her to clean up his messes, then he declares his undying love for her. He only cares about himself.

2 He's Pretty Much A Jerk

Jack mocks the citizens when they don't understand Christmas Land, even though he doesn't really "get" it, either. He takes advantage of their admiration for him to manipulate them into making a new holiday and foregoing their life's work.

1 He Treats Sally Badly

Sally Jack Skellington Simply Meant To Be A Nightmare Before Christmas

It's obvious that Sally is Finkelstein's servant, which should trouble not only Jack but the rest of her community.

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