When the second generation of X-Men debuted as a team in Giant-Size X-Men #1, one of the new mutants introduced was Kurt Wagner, who would take on the codename of Nightcrawler. Unlike some mutants, Kurt’s appearance had been altered by his genetics since birth. He was born with indigo coloured skin, pure yellow eyes, pointed ears, three fingers on each hand, three toes on each foot, and a pointed tail. His mutant ability is the power to teleport short distances, which leaves behind a cloud of smoke and the smell of brimstone. Despite his devilish appearance, Kurt is one of the most friendly and outgoing members of the X-Men. He has the personality of a wannabe Errol Flynn, coupled with a pious devotion to his Catholic faith.

Nightcrawler has been one of the most popular members of the X-Men since his introduction. He has been used by many different writers and portrayed by numerous actors. As such, Nightcrawler has had a long, complex and sometimes contradictory life. We are here today to look into the strange history of the X-Men’s blue elf. From his demonic origins to his connections to Star Trek.

Here are 15 Things You Never Knew About Nightcrawler!

15. Nightcrawler Was Originally Going To Be A Demon

Nightcrawler Circus X Men: 15 Things You Never Knew About Nightcrawler

The concept of Nightcrawler’s character is that he looks like a devil, but is actually a really nice guy. He always has to endure a negative first reaction from people, simply for how he looks. Over time, it was also established that he was a deeply religious figure as well, which contrasts with his physical appearance.

In the beginning, Nightcrawler was actually intended to be a demon from Hell.

Nightcrawler was created by Dave Cockrum. The idea for him came about while Cockrum was serving in the Navy. He was discussing ideas for superheroes with his wife during a storm. Nightcrawler was intended to be the sidekick of a character called the Intruder. Instead of being a mutant, Nightcrawler was going to be a demon who was sent to perform a mission on Earth. When he failed the mission, he decided to stay and become a superhero, whilet hiding from the wrath of his demonic employers.

14. His Absence From The Later Movies Was Explained

Nightcrawler X Men 2 X Men: 15 Things You Never Knew About Nightcrawler

Nightcrawler was absent from the first X-Men movie. This was rectified in the sequel, where the movie opens with an incredible scene of Nightcrawler trying to assassinate the President. It was later revealed that Nightcrawler was being controlled by Colonel Stryker, and was actually a good guy all along. He helps the X-Men for the remainder of the film.

When X-Men: The Last Stand was released, Nightcrawler was nowhere to be seen. His absence was not mentioned in the film and the character would not return until the series was rebooted in X-Men: Apocalypse. It’s known that Alan Cumming (the actor who played Nightcrawler) did not want to return, due to how uncomfortable the lengthy process of applying the prosthetic makeup was for him.

Nightcrawler’s absence from the movies was actually explained in X-Men: The Official Game. After experiencing the violent lifestyle of the team, Nightcrawler decided that he did not want to be an X-Man. He returned to Germany, though the story left it open for him to return.