MBTI of The Night Manager Characters

Under the guise of a hotel night manager, former British soldier, Johnathan Pine, spies on a well-to-do entrepreneur, Robert Roper, who plays the middleman for criminal arms dealers. Pine finds himself collaborating with Roper under the direction of Angela Burr, an intelligence operative. His debonair conduct allows him not to forsake his true intentions, which is to put Roper behind bars. Pine dives well into the dangers of the criminal community, all the while playing host to Roper’s elite circle.

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The Night Manager stars Tom Hiddleston as the title character alongside various well-known actors footing the casting list for this original series. The characters in this series will shock and awe audiences as they begin to discover that nobody is who they seem. An interesting way to further dissect these characters is to see how they line up on the Myers-Briggs Personality Test. 

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10 Jonathan Pine – ISTJ

Johnathan (Tom Hiddleston) undergoes a ton of back and forth in his character. He's ex-military and is recruited by Angela Burr who entrusts him with the task of incriminating Richard Roper's illegal enterprise.  Pine agrees to be a part of the sting operation in which he must act as an ally to Roper's internal operation, all under the alias of a simple hotel night manager.

The ISTJ types are the serious and quiet type, which fits Jonathan's exterior MO. Also seen as the "Duty FullFiller" an ISTJ is a labeled as Introverted Sensing Thinking Judging. Johnathan's military background plays into this calculated and logical way of thinking. Jonathan puts in mass amounts of energy into this task all in the name of peaceful living, which seems to be the ultimate goal for ISTJ types.

9 Richard Roper – ENTJ

Richard Roper, played by Hugh Laurie, is described as "the worst man in the world." Roper is an artillery salesman who plays both sides depending on who has the heavier hand. However, to the general public, Roper is known as an accomplished businessman. After Pine's ruse that saves Roper's son, we even see his softer side as his family seems to be his one weak link.

Roper's character seems easy to decipher at first, but further into the show, we begin to better understand the nature of his character. His likable and assertive persona blankets his underlying need for control. His natural-born leadership skills in combination with his need for loyal subjects makes him easily "The Executive" or ENTJ (Extraverted Intuitive Thinking Judging). 

8 Angela Burr – ENTP

Olivia Coleman plays the hard-willed Angela Burr. Burr hires Pine to run the undercover operation that plans to expose and ultimately capture Roper. She believes he has the determination and mindset to get the job done. She sees a lot of herself in Pine, and had it not been for her current pregnancy, she would have taken Roper on her own. 

Burr's personality is on par with Pine's. However, she is more assertive and determined in carrying out justice—no matter the stakes. Because of this, Burr is more of an ENTP. As a visionary, she's able to interpret people and situations in depth and can formulate plans that work in her favor. She's outspoken and skilled at sticking to a project until it is done. 

7 Jed Marshal – ISTP 

Jed (played by Elizabeth Debicki) is on the run and finds solace in the company of Richard Roper. She's blind and unencumbered by the prospects of his business. However, upon meeting Pine, she begins to realize that her comforts have taken her prisoner with no end in sight. Jed seems to be scarred from any emotion and takes no shame in acting out in front of complete strangers. Jed's detachment puts her as an ISTP type. She can be reserved, but she's a risk taker, in love with living in the moment. She doesn't care for rules and is willing to break them in order to fulfill her own needs. 

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6 Major Lance Corcoran – ESFJ

Major Lance Corcoran (Tom Hollander) will stop at nothing to expose Pine. As Roper’s right-hand man, it is up to him to keep their illegal enterprise running smoothly, and to weed out anyone he deems unworthy. This small grace of power stirs up an unrelenting quest to take Pine out of the inner circle.

His lack of morals keep Roper’s business afloat, but his lack of trust for outsiders will be his undoing. Corcoran’s cynicism and his need to be liked make him an ESFJ. He determines his morals based off of what is going on around him rather than forming opinions for himself.

5 Daniel Roper – ENFP

Young actor Noah Jupe lands the role of Daniel Roper, Richard’s son. Daniel becomes a key ingredient in manipulating a strategy for Pine to enter Roper’s inner circle. In a kidnapping ruse, Pine saves Daniel, leaving the young boy in awe of his rescuer. While Daniel may be a bit young to fully determine his Myers-Briggs® type, his intuition for seeing the good in people make him closest to an ENFP. ENFP’s are extroverted and have a great sense of intuition.

4 Sandy Langbourne – ENFJ

Sandy Langbourne is another minion in Roper’s inner circle. While he’s dedicated to the cause, his own personal issues cause a break in the system. Sandy’s focus teeters towards the events in other people’s lives. This makes him an ENFJ, as he is more externally focused, putting his own morals on the back burner as a way of distraction.

3 Caroline Langbourne – INFJ

Mrs. Langbourne is the devoted wife to Sandy. Caroline is a team player, but when news of a possible affair between her husband and the nanny comes to light, she finds that she holds more cards than she realized. Caroline falls into the INFJ type because of her nurturing characteristics. She’s patient and protective, but she trusts her own instincts above all else.

2 Juan Apostol – INFP

Juan is a lawyer affiliated with Roper’s arm dealership. He is very family oriented, so when his daughter is found murdered, he crumbles in his grief. Apo is thoughtful and intuitive and can be very flexible in his inner nature. This makes him an INFP. People who fall into this classification are flexible and laid-laid-back until their values are corrupted. Then their primary focus circles around defense and revenge.

1 Joel Steadman – INTJ

Joel Steadman is a US agent under the title of Chief Officer at the US Directorate of Defense Trade Controls. He is one of Burr’s only consistent allies supporting the operation with Pine. Steadman falls under the INTJ division on the Myers-Briggs personality type. These types are natural leaders who are quick to make organized decisions. Steadman typically remains in the background, but as an INTJ he will be the first to offer his assistance for those in need.

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