The Night Comes For Us Ending Explained

The Night Comes For Us

The Night Comes For Us, the new film from director Timo Tjahjanto packs a serious punch, especially when it comes to its ending. The Indonesian gangster story contains some of the gnarliest action scenes of the year - not much of a surprise, considering The Raid star Iko Uwais serves as choreographer and a central cast-member. But like all great action movies, the sequences are made dramatic and meaningful by the narrative, and The Night Comes For Us also tells a bittersweet, beautiful tale of betrayal and redemption in the dog-eat-dog world of the Triad.

First made into a graphic novel before Tjahjanto was able to make it a motion picture, The Night Comes For Us follows high-level mob hitman Iko after he goes rogue to save a young girl for a village he was sent to destroy. Betrayal is not something the people Ito works for tolerate, and he and his small crew back home are forced to battle for their lives against the most vicious of the South-East-Asian Triad and their armies, leading to a climactic hand-to-hand confrontation that'd give any UFC pay-per-view a run for its money in drama.

How The Night Comes For Us Ends

The final act is split across two locations – Ito's apartment and the warehouse. Ito takes a call from Arian, an old friend of his, to meet him at a warehouse they used to work from. Arian has been hired to kill Ito, being promised a spot on the Six Seas, an elite group of Triad mercenaries, if he succeeds. Meanwhile, the Operator, a mysterious female assassin who wishes to collect the reward for Ito's death, decides to help Ito by protecting Reina, the young girl he saved, at his building while he's at the warehouse.

Soon after Ito arrives at the warehouse, he begins making his way through all the young men that are there in a blistering fight sequence that involves all manner of damage to the human body. Arian waits in another part of the warehouse for a face-to-face, stopping a sniper from picking off Ito so they have settle their grudge once and for all.

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The Operator's methods are different to Ito's, but the results are similar. Using a mixture of guns, explosives and martial arts, she very effectively fends off all who step forward. Then, two Lotus members, another set of operatives working for Chien Wu of the Six Seas, Alma and Elena, enter. In a twist, together they are no match for the Operator who kills both by their own means – one is choked to death by her yo-yo-like choking wire, and the other is severely cut up and has her throat slit. The Operative then takes Reina and makes a move.

Ito and Arian's fight is one of the longest and heftiest in the movie. Arian betrayed his old crew by giving away their location towards the beginning of the film, and Arian feels betrayed by Ito because Ito became one of the Six Seas without him. The two battle long and hard, Arian having the upper-hand at first because of his greater agility, but Ito's endurance and field experience wins out. Their bloody tussle ends when Ito almost cuts Arian's neck, but spares him. Arian tries to shoot him but can't, and Chien Wu, seeing that Arian has failed, has him executed before following Ito.

Ito and the Operative meet, Ito gives Reina her new passport and sees her off on a boat to an unspecified location. The movie ends with Ito driving his car head-on towards Chien Wu and his henchmen while they open fire.

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