Nicole Kidman's Most Memorable Roles

For decades, Nicole Kidman has been one of the most recognizable and popular movie stars in Hollywood. Even after all these years, she continues to give amazing performances in just about everything she appears in.

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Kidman has given audiences a wide range of characters in a wide range of projects with several of those roles becoming iconic in the world of cinema. From the funny to the intense; the tragic to the spell-binding - Kidman has done it all and still amazes us with each new role. Here are some of Nicole Kidman's most memorable roles.

10 Dead Calm

Dead Calm

Dead Calm is an eerie and intense thriller which stars Kidman and fellow Australian actor Sam Neil. The two play a married couple vacationing on their yacht when they come across a man (played by Billy Zane) stranded in a sinking boat. After helping the man, they begin to realize he is more dangerous than he seems.

The film was made compelling for its small cast of excellent actors, especially Kidman as a woman being harassed by a madman. Kidman avoids being the damsel in distress and plays the role of a believable and resourceful hero.

9 Batman Forever

Val Kilmer and Nicole Kidman in Batman Forever

After Batman Returns underperformed, the franchise was handed over to Joel Schumacher who took it in a lighter and controversial direction. The film stars Val Kilmer as the new Caped Crusader who battles new villains Two-Face and The Riddler.

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Kidman plays Bruce Wayne's love interest, Dr. Chase Meridian, a psychologist who becomes obsessed with Batman. The role is sadly well below Kidman's talents but she looks to be having fun in the big-budget film.

8 To Die For

Joaquin Phoenix and Nicole Kidman in To Die For

As her star was on the rise in Hollywood, Kidman took a starring role in this daring and fascinating crime-comedy. Inspired by a true story, Kidman plays a woman with dreams of stardom who manipulates a young man into carrying out her sinister plans.

Kidman gives one of her best performances as the funny, self-absorbed and naïve woman. She perfectly plays the darkly comedic elements of the movie, finding balance. The movie really relies on her performance to sell the tricky tone and Kidman knocks it out of the park.

7 Eyes Wide Shut

Nicole Kidman in eyes Wide Shut - Actors Who Bared it All

Kidman received a lot of attention for her personal life, especially with her marriage to Tom Cruise. The two were the Hollywood "it" couple and while Eyes Wide Shut was their third film together, it was by far the most controversial. The final film by Stanley Kubrick, it dealt with a wealthy married couple, played by Cruise and Kidman, dealing with adultery.

Cruise gets most of the spotlight in the movie, but many critics insisted he was outshined by Kidman in a smaller role. Despite fascination around the film, Kidman reminded people that she is a great actress and not a tabloid star.

6 Paddington

Nicole Kidman in Paddington

Paddington is one of the most surprising franchises in recent memory. Based on the children's character of a talking bear, the two films following his wacky mishaps have been shockingly excellent films filled with great actors doing great work.

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In the first film, Kidman plays the villain, an evil taxidermist out to capture the rare bear. Kidman has so much fun with the part, embracing her goofball side which she rarely gets to show off. She proves to be a gifted comedic actor and a fun presence in this wonderful film.

5 The Others

Nicole Kidman in The Others

Ghost stories have always been an obsession of audiences and after the success of The Sixth Sense, they became a common staple in Hollywood. The Others happens to be one of the better films to follow this trend in the period horror film about a woman raising her young children in a house she begins to believe is haunted.

Kidman carries the film on her very able shoulders. Her outstanding work helps to elevate the film from a standard horror film to a compelling and thrilling movie.

4 The Hours

Nicole Kidman The Hours

The Hours is a star-studded film about three women from different eras all dealing with similar conflicts in their lives. Kidman stars as legendary author Virginia Wolfe as she battles depression and mental illness.

Despite co-starring such amazing actors as Meryl Streep and Julianne Moore, Kidman owns the film. She won her first Oscar for the role in a powerhouse performance. She not only disappears physically into the role but feels like a version of Wolfe that actually existed.

3 Aquaman

Kidman usually sticks to smaller, more intimate projects but superhero movies have proven strong enough these days to attract even the most distinguished actors. Aquaman is the first solo film for Jason Momoa's hero from Atlantis.

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Kidman has a supporting role as Aquaman's mother and former queen of Atlantis. She helps bring some gravitas to the film and helps sell the admittedly cheesy material. She even gets some badass action sequences which are a rarity for her.

2 Big Little Lies

With television now at the peak of its potential, movie stars are lining up for their own series that allow them to explore long-form storytelling. Kidman joined forces with such big-name actors as Nicole Kidman and Laura Dern for this compelling series about a group of women living in a seemingly idyllic California community and hiding dark secrets.

Kidman's performance is some of the best work she has ever done. She is tasked with such a difficult role as a mother and wife dealing with a very troubling relationship she can't seem to get away from. It is a stunning performance.

1 Moulin Rouge!

Nicole Kidman in Moulin Rouge

Kidman had been a recognizable and acclaimed actor for years before, but Moulin Rouge! was the film that made her one of Hollywood's biggest stars. The Baz Luhrmann film is a surreal musical love story set in a famed Parisian night club at the end of the 1800s.

Kidman stars as the beautiful and coveted prostitute at the nightclub and gives a star-making performance. Kidman is exciting, seductive, funny, and heartbreaking in the role while also demonstrating she is a very talented singer. It's an unforgettable performance and one of her very best.

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