Nicolas Cage vs. The Green Hornet?

A surprising piece of news has just recently popped up online: Nicolas Cage is reportedly in early talks to play the villain in the upcoming adaptation of The Green Hornet. He joins the previously rumored Cameron Diaz, who's potential role in the film has been revealed as a "reporter and love interest" for the titular masked hero.

Variety is reporting that Cage is in early talks to be what is being described as the "gangster villain," nemesis of our hero, The Green Hornet. There's no more details on his character other than that I'm afraid, but if the talks get closer to a closed deal, you can be sure that more details will emerge.

This news comes to us not long after Stephen Chow sadly dropped out of the project as The Green Hornet's sidekick, Kato. With Seth Rogen co-writing the film with his Superbad writing pal Evan Goldberg, and quirky, off-beat director Michel Gondry, at the helm, it seems like we're going to get a very strange unique version of The Green Hornet, indeed. Most people were hoping for a straight-up bad-ass version of the character, but considering the team behind, it's looking like action plus comedy will be what we get.

It's not a surprise that Columbia Pictures is going after big names to star in The Green Hornet, simply because to the wider, more general movie going audience (read: outside of the geek circles) the character is not that well known. Diaz makes sense if they're going to go the action-comedy route with a love interest in the mix (she'll probably turn the "cutesy" dial up to eleven), but does Cage make sense at all?

I actually don't think Cage is a terrible actor, just one that makes some horrendous role choices (The Wicker Man, anyone?). But those of you who have seen Wild At Heart, Leaving Las Vegas and Adaptation know he can act when he picks the right role.

However, I'm not sure The Green Hornet villain will be the right role for him. Something about the potential casting just feels... wrong. I must fold and say I'm really getting worried about this project now (I know a lot of you are already ahead of me on that one) - the director is about the only thing that has kept me clinging onto hopes that it will be awesome. The lack of Chow as Kato, the "insert well known, attractive actress here" possible casting of Diaz, and a "WTF" possible casting of Cage has me in skeptical mode for now.

As for Seth Rogen as the titular Green Hornet, I just don't know if it'll work. The actor himself just recently tried to put all our worries to rest by saying the project is "alive and well." He was pretty convincing, but taking a step back and looking at all the details surrounding this project, it's not looking as promising as I'd hoped it would by this point.

What do you think of Nicolas Cage possibly being cast as the villain in The Green Hornet? Do you think there's hope for this project or do the cons far outweigh the pros?

The Green Hornet is scheduled to be released on July 9th, 2010.

Source: Variety

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