Top 10 Nicolas Cage Movie Hairstyles

With chameleon-like character actors becoming rarer than ever, box office draws can be estimated based solely on a leading man's tested-and-true strengths. For some, it's rugged good looks, others, a smile. But rarely is it their hair.

Although most leading men sport a single hairstyle for years at a time, Nicolas Cage decided to take a... different approach. With a face and voice that are instantly recognizable, Cage adopted a kaleidoscope of hairpieces and styles to bring a unique spin to each of his roles. And he's not alone.

Those days of wild hairstyles may have come to an end, but let's look back on the most memorable (for several reasons) candidates - here's our list of the Top 10 Nicolas Cage Hairstyles in Movies.

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Top 10 Nicolas Cage Movie Hairstyles