20 Crazy Fan Art Designs Of Unexpected Nickelodeon Couples

The Nickelodeon Universe has a wide array of crazy characters to enjoy watching. Whether fans enjoy watching the misadventures of talking toddlers, crazy inventors, or fantastical beings, odds are good that Nickelodeon has made a show about it before.

With some early pop culture phenomenon like The Ren & Stimpy Show and SpongeBob SquarePants or shows featuring up-and-coming stars like iCarly and Victorious, there is something for everyone in the Nickelodeon vault. Undoubtedly, these shows would begin showcasing romantic storylines between their characters in order to keep shows fresh. Sometimes these couples would be the cornerstone of the show, and more often than not would involve someone with a crush on another character which would last the duration of the whole series. These shows are mostly about teenagers, after all!

While many of our favorite Nickelodeon shows portray couples that are universally loved by viewers, fans of the shows always seem to have one question: what would happen if their favorite Nickelodeon characters got together with someone else?

The idea of pairing two other characters on a show for fan edification is very common - as proven by our round-ups of Marvel villains and Pixar couples - as it allows fans to live out a fantasy through their art. In some cases, this is the only opportunity that these characters have had at finding love. Thankfully there are great artists out there who are trying to give these characters a chance.

Here are 20 Crazy Fan Art Designs Of Unexpected Nickelodeon Couples.

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20 Doug – Patti and Roger

The feud between Doug Funnie and Roger Klotz is prevalent from episode one of Doug, and continues through the series. At the same time, the love affair between Doug and his childhood crush Patti Mayonnaise was also a main aspect throughout all seven seasons.

Doug's crush on Patti is hindered by his low confidence levels. While the optimistic viewers like to think that Doug and Patti would end up together after beating around the bush for so long, it is more likely that Patti's personality would lead her to finding someone else.

Unfortunately for Doug, some fans think that Patti may turn to his mortal enemy, Roger.

Roger was usually mean to Patti, but who can resist a bad boy?

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19 Rugrats – Tommy and Lil

After literally watching these Rugrats grow up from when they are babies, it is very strange to see them involved in a couple, especially together.

After watching them eat worms and throwing diapers around, it is crazy to think that they would be old enough to date. However, given the fact that this group grew up together, it makes sense that they would look to each other for love in their teenage years.

Tommy Pickles and Lillian DeVille are two of the group of babies who caused many misadventures on Rugrats, but are pictured here getting closer in their teenage years. If the group of friends stuck together throughout their adolescence, romantic feelings would begin to develop.

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18 Hey, Arnold! – Helga and Gerald

When it comes to "will-they-won't-they" couples of Nickelodeon shows, Hey Arnold!'s love affair between Helga and Arnold is at the top of the list. Through five seasons and two films, Helga's unrequited love for "football head" is the cornerstone of the show. However, with the exception of the two of them sharing a kiss during The Jungle Movie, they never solidified the relationship despite both having feelings for each other.

Whether it was due to Helga's tough-girl reputation or Arnold's obliviousness, they never sealed the deal. Helga would regularly pour her heart out n private, however her feelings normally went unrequited.

It stands to reason that she may look to make him jealous.

What better way to get back at him than to begin seeing his best friend Gerald?

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17 SpongeBob SquarePants – Spongebob and Squidward

Who lives in a pineapple under the sea? Apparently SpongeBob SquarePants and his frenemy Squidward Tentacles do.

The two sea-dwellers may be neighbors and co-workers at the Krusty Krab, but their relationship on the show is anything but romantic. Squidward is constantly bitter and angry, with these negative feelings not limited to his hatred for SpongeBob.

Squidward resents the happiness that he constantly hears from SpongeBob's home, but SpongeBob remains oblivious to how much Squidward hates him. Could it be that, underneath all of that hatred and anger, there are romantic feelings?

Judging by the picture here, it seems that there is still a little bit of anger on Squidward's part, but that may just make their relationship a little bit spicier!

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16 Big Time Rush - Kendall and Logan

When a group of hockey players come from Minnesota come to the big city and form a rock band, you can bet that there are going to be some big changes coming up in their lives.

Out of the group, Kendall and Logan would be the ones who would complement each other the most.

Kendall's silly and heroic qualities contrast perfectly with Logan's shy and brainy personality, and the fact that they are already best friends would make the transition into a relationship so easy.

While the show made it clear that Kendall was head-over-heels for Jo, we hope that he would consider a relationship with Logan as they would be perfect together.

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15 Rocko’s Modern Life – Heffer and Dr. Paula Hutchinson Turtle

Some are able to see the good in everyone, which opens up the door for all sorts of unexpected relationships. If anyone would have thought that a relationship between an over-sized buffoon of a steer and a married hook-handed doctor was possible, then they are certainly correct!

Heffer is certainly the butt of most jokes on Rocko's Modern Life, but it seems that he is coming out on top here as he was able to steal Paula away from her marriage. There could be a million reasons why Paula decided to leave her husband Filburt for Heffer. Perhaps she finally became frustrated with his "turning pages and washing hands" routine. Or perhaps she fell in love with Heffer's dim sense of humor.

Regardless they certainly make a cute couple - we just hope that a cat and steer can get along. This should be a hoot!

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14 Ren and Stimpy – Ren and Stimpy

Joy! It is finally time for a cat and a dog to live in harmony together. Viewers are so used to hearing "Stimpy, you idiot!" that the thought of these two hooking up is completely unexpected.

It appears that beneath all of Ren's anger, he has been in love with Stimpy all this time.

The relationship between these two characters has been discussed since the show debuted in 1991, with many parallels being drawn to Seasame Street's Bert and Ernie. Ren and Stimpy share a house, room, and bed, and have often engaged in romantic situations, but have never come out as a couple before.

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13 Invader Zim – Zim and Gaz

The most common theme of these unexpected couples is that there is hatred between the two characters.

Invader Zim's Gaz certainly matches that, as she hates just about everyone she has ever met. Gaz is Dib's sister, who is Zim's enemy on Earth. However, Gaz's hatred for Zim goes so much deeper than the relationship between Zim and her brother. She just is not friendly to anyone at all - even her own brother.

The most interesting part of this pairing is that, between Zim's plot to take over Earth and Gaz's strength and coldness, they would be the perfect combination to actually achieve world domination.

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12 Sam and Cat - Sam and Cat

Though Sam and Cat was certainly not as long-running as either iCarly or Victorious, the cross-over series of the two shows did spark fan outcry about a possible relationship between the two female leads. While the two ladies have entirely different personalities - one more dominating and the other very bubbly - many fans thought they went together very well.

As you can see in this fan's drawing, their personalities are very apparent in their relationship.

If Sam and Cat were to develop into a couple, you can bet that Sam would certainly be the one calling the shots.

Cat is a very gentle and naïve person, and likely would not even notice if someone were domineering over her. While there were always rumors regarding a feud between the two ladies while filming the series, they have both stated that they remained friends even after the cancellation.

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11 Aaahh!! Real Monsters – Ickis and Oblina

Finding love in a world where the monsters under your bed are scheming together while attending a monster school is no easy task, but the group from Aaahh!! Real Monsters were able to make it happen.

Two-thirds of the infamous monster trio have found love in the minds of '90s cartoon fans, as Ickis and Oblina have been paired up by the fandom community.

With the gothic nature of these two monsters, they fit together perfectly. Oblina's black-and-white motif complements Ickis' nerdy disposition so that these two monsters should live a happy life together.

The only question is, will they have room for their old buddy Krumm when they move in together?

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10 Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles – April and Donatello

With April being attached to the Ninja Turtles for so long, it was only a matter of time before she started to fall for one.

It seems the Turtle best suited for April is the leader of the group, Donatello.

Donatello has always been the most mature Turtle in the group, and it seems that April enjoys his personality. Their relationship here is been depicted as an offshoot of A Monster in Paris, a French-musical film, but it also captures the couple's playful side.

Donatello's brainy personality combined with April's tenacity makes them a triple-threat couple. Hopefully their pairing has not upset the other Turtles very much.

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9 SpongeBob Squarepants – Spongebob/Sandy

"Go on and kiss the girl," or in this case, kiss the underwater Squirrel.

Evoking a famous scene from The Little Mermaid, this fan artist has dreamed up a relationship between SpongeBob SquarePants and Sandy Cheeks, the scientist Squirrel of Bikini Bottom. Certainly the cutest scene on this list, it brings together two characters who have never shown feelings for each other. However, now that everyone has seen them gaze in to each other's eyes this way, it is all SpongeBob fans can think about.

The only thing missing from this scene is Gary the Snail meowing the lyrics of the song in the background. That would have made this irresistible!

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8 Rugrats – Chuckie and Angelica

One of the oldest tropes of grade-school logic is that if you were picked on by someone, there is a chance that they have feelings for you, but do not know how to deal with them. If that is the case, then Angelica Pickles must have had an intense crush on Chuckie Finster.

Throughout Rugrats, there is one universal truth - Angelica will always be mean to Chuckie. However in this fan's imagination, Chuckie and Angelica are not only in a relationship but are having a child. Perhaps it is possible that things turned around enough for them to fall in love, which is a great end to their story.

To make this story even more adorable, the couple has named their child after Chuckie's father, Charles.

Looking for more art work about Chuckie and Angelica? Check out jose-ramiro's entire page dedicated to their life together.

7 Hey, Arnold! – Arnold/Helga

What makes this romance so unexpected? Perhaps it is because we never thought it would actually happen.

For five seasons and two films, fans watched as Helga would pour her heart and feelings out in private for her beloved Arnold, only for him to never reciprocate. Now that fans are able to picture Arnold doing all the doting on Helga makes all the waiting worth it.

The only issue with this picture is the fact that Helga would likely never let Arnold dote on her. It may actually be more likely that she would be placing a scarf around Arnold's neck, as she would certainly be the one in charge.

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6 Avatar: The Last Airbender – Aang and Zuko

It seems that bitter enemies can eventually become better friends, even if they have spent so much time trying to destroy each other.

Nickelodeon fans know that Zuko spent much of his time trying to capture Aang in an attempt to restore his honor. Eventually these two work together towards creating harmony across all the kingdoms. While most of The Last Airbender takes place while Aang and Zuko are much younger, this fan-art depicts them meeting much later in life.

Presumably these two are meeting at a time when the world is living in peace.

We learn from future comics that Aang's health begins to deteriorate as a result of being frozen in an iceberg. Perhaps this visit to Zuko was one of the last things he was able to do.

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5 Victorious - Tori and Jade

When it comes to most people who are frenemies, fans are never entirely sure about all the aspects of their relationship. However, with VicTorious' Tori and Jade, it has always been very clear where they stand.

Tori always considered the gothic Jade to be her friend, but Jade never showed her much affection during their time at Hollywood Arts School. However, it seems that Tori's  friendly personality may be enough to melt Jade's heart to make this couple a reality.

Jade may have always put up a tough exterior, but deep inside she is a kind person. It just takes someone like Tori to finally bring it out.

Even though we learn in Sam & Cat that Jade and Beck are still together, it is always possible that these two get together during a Hollywood Arts reunion many years later.

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4 Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles– Raphael and April

While April and Donatello sounds like it would be perfect, it seems that April's heart may be torn. She nd Donatello may seem like they go well together, but there may be a better Turtle match for her.

Donatello is portrayed as the smart and level-headed one of the group, while Raphael is usually angry and short-tempered.

It appears that Raphael's qualities have drawn April's eye this time.

Perhaps she is more interested in a bad boy than she originally thought. Or perhaps she feels that she can break through his tough shell.

Regardless of the case, it seems that April has a choice to make. Will it be Donatello? Or Raphael? Let us know in the comments who she should choose.

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3 Penguins of Madagascar - King Juilen/Mort

The fun-loving King Julien is always looking for attention, but not exactly from Mort. As Julien himself says, he only keeps Mort around so that he can make fun of him. However despite all of this, Mort still cares about Juilen and wants to be loved by him.

If these two were to enter a relationship, it certainly would not be easy to maintain. It is no secret that King Julien is high-maintenance, but someone as loving as Mort would be up to the task.

Unfortunately, this picture makes it look like Mort caught the King by surprise with this kiss. Hopefully things can still work out between the two!

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2 Wild Thornberrys & Rocket Power - Sam and Eliza

What does a brainy whiz-kid and a girl who can communicate with animals have in common? Not only are they both a part of Nickelodeon shows, but they are also in love! It isn't often that Nickelodeon provides a crossover that fans really enjoy, but this would certainly be one.

On one hand, the Wild Thornberrys feature Eliza who can speak to animals, while Sam Squid is the brain behind Rocket Power's tricks and schemes.

By combining the two characters, one of the most powerful Nickelodeon couples has been created.

Imagine what they could accomplish once their abilities are combined.

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1 Angry Beavers - Norbert and Daisie

This may be one of the most interesting entries of all - while Norbert is a part of Angry Beavers, not many fans will recognize Daisie. It seems that while trying to find someone to pair Norbert with, this fan decided to place him with a creation of her own.

While there are characters on other Nickelodeon shows that would be great for Norbert, this fan thought her own character would be best suited. Given how cute they look together, it is hard to argue.

Normally Norbert is very laid back, but his emotions are on full display here. Perhaps he has finally found the one to break him out of his shell. Here is hoping that Nickelodeon will take notice and include Daisie on a new show!

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What unexpected Nickelodeon couple are you rooting for? Let us know in the comments!

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