15 Nickelodeon Stars Who Completely Disappeared

Along with Disney Channel, Nickelodeon has been pumping out successful children’s show for decades. The '90s shows, in particular, are a pop-culture staple, and the network is still thriving today. From The Amanda Show to Big Time Rush, it seems every kid has a favorite show on the popular network at some point. The laughs, gags, and cheesy moments seemed like they would never end. Many of these shows made a lasting impact on people, and they can fondly look back on their favorite childhood show.

While the child actors seems like they’ll stay adorable and young forever, they all eventually grow up and move on to bigger and better things. Stars like Josh Peck of Drake and Josh and Ariana Grande of Victorious have continued their lives in the spotlight Nickelodeon gave them, while others have faded from the glow.

Stardom doesn’t always last forever, though. Child stars have a habit of being famous young, but losing that fame as they age. Many stars left our television screens once their shows ended. Some went to college, some changed work industries, and some attempted to continue their careers with minimal success.

Regardless of the reason, here are the 15 Nickelodeon Stars Who Completely Disappeared.

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15 Tadhg Kelly - Unfabulous

The Nickelodeon show Unfabulous was actrss Emma Robert’s big break. Since then, she’s appeared on successful shows like American Horror Story and Scream Queens. Tadgh Kelly, however, hasn’t has the same success.

He played the annoying but cute big brother on the show, Ben Singer. He was always at Juice! giving Addie advice and making smoothies. A year after Unfabulous ended, he recorded and released a record. He’s done a little bit of acting since then. He’s also been involved in multiple shorts. Go Tell It on the Molehill was released in 2016.

He was also part of an odd show called Llama Cop, in which he played a detective whose partner is an unpredictable llama. It seems safe to say that his role on Unfabulous was his most successful project.

14 Kristin Herrera - Zoey 101

Kristin Herrera played Dana Cruz on Zoey 101. Dana was one of Zoey’s crazy roommates. She may be harder to remember because she was written out of the show after season one and replaced by Lola, played by Victoria Justice. The producers simply thought Herrera looked too old to fit in on the show.

Since her days on Zoey 101, she has kept a low profile. She did star in the 2007 film Freedom Writers alongside Hilary Swank. After that, she appeared on General Hospital as Lourdes Del Torro, her second most popular role next to playing Dana.

Since 2008, she hasn’t had any acting roles. She does, however, run a successful Instagram account with 21k followers, although she now keeps it private. If you’re lucky, she may let you follow her.

13 Jason Zimbler - Clarissa Explains It All

Clarissa Explains It All is yet another successful Nickelodeon '90s show. It ran for five seasons, and the reruns have played on TeenNick for a few years now.

Jason Zimbler played the character Ferguson W. Darling, Clarissa’s younger brother. The mischievous red-head was always butting heads with his sister and looking for creative ways to make money.. What has Zimbler been up to since his days playing Ferghead?

For a while he was directing theater in New York City. He’s worked with the Impetuous Theater Group and been the theatre head of  Buck Rock’s Performing and Creative Arts camp. Currently, he’s a software designer. He hasn’t abandoned television altogether. He’s been working full time at HBO since 2011- he’s just in the IT department rather than on camera.

12 Matthew Underwood - Zoey 101

Matthew Underwood in Zoey 101

While Chase was adorable on Zoey 101, Logan was considered by many fans to be “the hot one.” Matthew Underwood played the snobby, handsome, rich character who dated Quinn Pensky. He stole plenty of tween hearts during the show’s run.

It seems he has retired from acting nowadays. He appeared as himself in Reality Horror Night in 2009, but hasn’t had any acting gigs since then. Underwood was arrested in 2012 for drug possession and then again a few months later after violating his probation. His charges were dismissed, but having an arrest in his history must make it harder to find acting jobs.

In 2013, he did help direct a Jamie Lynn Spears music video for the song “How Could I Want More”. Zoey 101 may have ended, but the friendships the cast formed are still there.

11 Raja Fenske - Unfabulous

Raja Fenske played Jake Behari on the show Unfabulous. Jake was the boy Addie was absolutely obsessed with. Many preteen viewers felt the same was as she did about him. Addie has a crush on him for most of the first season, but they ultimately end up getting together. The song Addie wrote about him will immediately come back to fans when his name is mentioned.

After stealing her heart on the show, the actor went on to star in a movie called Peep World in 2010. He did a video after that and appeared as the main character in the comedy Pendejo (Idiot). He hasn’t done anything acting-wise since 2013.

He has an active social media presence. People can check out his Instagram for a lot of selfies and pictures of his adorable dog.

10 Lori Beth Denberg - All That

All That was a Nickelodeon staple show that started in the '90s and ran all the way until 2005. One of the most hilarious actors on the sketch comedy was Lori Beth Danberg.

Danberg was the star of the fan-favorite skit, “Vital Information”. After her days of giving out advice on All That, she starred on the shows The Steve Harvey Show and Malcolm in the Middle, and appeared in the movie Dodgeball.

What is she doing now? Officiating weddings. Danberg became an ordained minister to marry her friends, and since then she has performed customized weddings for other couples. She also made an appearance in the show Workaholics in 2012 and developed a web series. To most people, however, she’ll always be one of their favorite Nickelodeon stars.

9 Sean Flynn - Zoey 101

Sean Flynn played the awkward yet adorable Chase Matthews on Zoey 101. During the shows four year run, every Nickelodeon fan knew who he was. Audiences were kept on the edge of their seats waiting to see if he would ever get to be with Zoey.

Since playing Chase, Flynn hasn’t done too much in the acting world. He appeared briefly as Student #2 in The Conjuring and in one episode of the show Devious Maids. In 2015, he was in the television movie The Wrong Boyfriend.

While he hasn’t had any major new roles since Zoey 101 ended, he did return as Chase Matthews for the short What Did Zoey Say? The short was about the video that Zoey buried in a time capsule that revealed her feelings for Chase. Christopher Massey starred alongside his to reprise his role as Michael Barret. Maybe now he can finally but Chase behind him and find another starring role.

8 Devon Werkheiser - Ned's Declassified

After his Nickelodeon days, he played Peter Parks on the ABC Family show, Greek. He acted in several smaller films, such as Beneath The Darkness and The Prankster. However, he’s never landed a main role as successful as Ned Bigby.

Aside from acting, Werkheiser has a career in music. His first EP was titled I Am and was released in 2013 and a second EP was released in 2015. He has come out with a few singles since then. So while people can no longer see Werkheiser on their television screens unless it’s a rerun, they may be able to hear him on the radio in the future.

7 Kel Mitchell - Kenan & Kel

Everyone is familiar with Kenan Thompson. He’s the longest serving cast member in Saturday Night Live history. With him being so famous, it’s easy to overlook his past co-star, Kel Mitchell.

And while he has found success, it just isn’t nearly as big as Thompson’s. After Kenan and Kel, he got into standup comedy, writing, directing, and voice over work. He voiced the character T-Bone on Clifford The Big Red Dog.

At one point there was a huge rumor he had died, but no need to worry. He’s alive and well. Audiences can check out Mitchell on his show Game Shakers on Nickelodeon. Looks like he’s come full circle.

6 Nate Richert - Sabrina the Teenage Witch

While Sabrina the Teenage Witch isn’t an official Nickelodeon show, it ran on TeenNick from 2003-2005 and played on Nickelodeon in the UK. The enchanting sitcom is based on the Archie Comic series with the same name.

Every girl that watched the show remembers crushing on Sabrina’s boyfriend, Harvey Kinkle. The lovable, handsome, boy-next-door was played by Nate Richert. After his time as Nate, he didn’t do a whole lot of acting.

Richert has turned his focus to music. He resides in Minnesota, playing folky, bluegrass music.. His debut album, “Halogen Moon” came out in 2012. He’s also changed up his look from preppy to hipster, with a lot less hair. He even teased his change in appearance on his Twitter. Harvey certainly has changed.

5 Scott Halberstadt - Drake and Josh

While Drake Bell and Josh Peck have both gone on to have successful careers in the entertainment industry, Scott Halberstadt has left it altogether.

Halberstadt played Eric on Drake & Josh. Eric’s best friend was Craig, and Drake loved to pick on the two. Fans of the show will never forget the hilarious nerd duo. His character Eric also made a cameo appearance in iCarly. Halberstadt has been seen in AT&T commercials as well as Capital One advertisements. He has now retired from acting. He posted the announcement on his Twitter page in 2013.

He’s focusing on being a father to his son, as well as doing research. He currently works as a research manager. It seems like a career path similar to what his character Eric would have followed.

4 Logan Henderson - Big Time Rush

Big Time Rush was huge from 2009-2013. Stars Kendall Schmidt, Carlos PenaVega, James Maslow, and Logan Henderson made up the members of the band the show was about. While most of the members have gone on to new projects, Henderson hasn’t done much since the show ended.

Since Big Time Rush, Henderson is best known for dating Makenzie Vega, the younger sister of Carlos’s wife. If he plays his cards right, they could go from bandmates to brother in laws. Although Henderson hasn’t done any acting since Big Time Rush, he’s trying his hand at being a solo artist.

His debut single called “Sleepwalker” was released in January of 2017. He followed it up with another song called “Bite My Tongue” in October of 2017. Time will tell if his music career will be as successful as his former band’s.

3 Rob Pinkston - Ned's Declassified

No one can hear about the show Ned’s Declassified School Survival Guide without thinking of Coconut Head. Played by Rob Pinkston, the goofy character had amazingly round hair and provided children with plenty of laughs. His character has become somewhat of an icon, inspiring memes and a weird, fandom following.

On top of appearing on Ned’s Declassified, he was also in multiple episodes of MTV’s Punk’d and Short Circuits. He took a break from acting and went to school to get a Bachelor’s degree in film production.

Additionally, he appeared in multiple shorts, like Hero Sandwich and A Death in Vegas. Recently he was in This Just In, a youth-focused comedy show. While he isn’t as recognizable as he used to be, his hair is still glorious.

2 Danny Tamberelli - All That

Danny Tamberelli was another All That cast member that made kids laugh. Not only did hear appear on the sketch comedy, he was also on Figure It Out and The Adventures of Pete and Pete. He was the quintessential Nickelodeon kid during his time on the Network.

He’s living a fairly normal life now outside of the spotlight. Tamberelli said he never really developed an attachment to fame. His first job outside of show business was actually at a pet shop. The former actor did attempt to break back into the industry as a writer, but he ended up going to college instead. He earned a Bachelor’s degree and in Interdisciplinary Arts.

Many people don’t realize that Tamberelli voiced a character in the popular Grand Theft Auto video games. He’s also been in two different bands, Jounce and Every Good Boy. So, while he isn’t appearing on television screens anymore, he’s still very much a part of the entertainment industry.

1 Ross Hull - Are You Afraid of the Dark?

Hull played Gary, the founder of the Midnight Society. During his time on Are You Afraid of the Dark?, he also landed a role on the show Student Bodies. He made a few more appearances on television shows before retiring from acting.

In 2005, Hull reappeared as a weatherman on Canada’s The Weather Network. He also worked as a weatherman for CBC Ottawa and Global Toronto. Currently, he is a meteorologist for Global News. Hull has gone from dealing with cursed objects to reporting the forecast. Talk about a career change.


Can you think of any other Nickelodeon stars who completely disappeared? Let us know in the comments!

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