Nick Nolte Joins 'Gangster Squad'; Sienna Guillory In 'Resident Evil 5'? [Updated]

Resident Evil 5 Jill Valentine


[Update: Sienna Guillory has officially announced she's onboard Resident Evil: Retribution. Scroll down for details.]

Gangster Squad continues to add more respectable actors and actresses to its cast, with Nick Nolte being the latest addition to director Ruben Fleischer's period crime-thriller.

Meanwhile, Sienna Guillory is meeting with the production team behind Resident Evil: Retribution (including writer/director Paul Anderson) to find out whether or not she'll be appearing in the film.

The fifth Resident Evil flick is slated to arrive in theaters by September 2012, almost two years exactly after the last installment (Resident Evil: Afterlife). Gangster Squad doesn't have an official release date just yet, but it could be aiming for a late 2012 arrival - just in time for the awards season.


Gangster Squad

nick nolte warrior
Nick Nolte in 'Warrior'

Two-time Academy Award nominee Nick Nolte showed up briefly in the Arthur remake earlier this year, and lent his voice to a TGIF-obsessed gorilla in Zookeeper this summer. Suffice to say, his film choices have not exactly been based on quality as of late.

Deadline has confirmed that Nolte is signed on for Gangster Squad, a high-profile drama based on the true story of the LAPD's attempt to take down "Jewish Mafia" head Mickey Cohen (Sean Penn) during the 1940s. Nolte will portray Bill Parker, the seemingly-incorruptible police chief who organizes the off-the-record titular force. The members of said secret squad include officers played by Ryan Gosling, Josh Brolin, and Robert Patrick, among others.

Nolte will also appear in the already buzzed-about Warrior next month, and recently completed work on the latest Jason Statham thriller, Parker. He also has a role on HBO's upcoming TV series Luck, from David Milch (Deadwood) and Michael Mann (Heat). So, all in all, his career looks to be nicely back on track.

As for Gangster Squad: with a stellar cast and screenwriter Will Beall (Castle) drawing on his own experience as an LA cop for inspiration, this could potentially be a great real-life crime drama (a la The Untouchables) for a new generation - not to mention, a return-to-form for Fleischer, following the mediocre reception of 30 Minutes or Less.


Resident Evil: Retribution

Resident Evil 5 Jill Valentine
Sienna Guillory as Jill Valentine

When Paul Anderson was officially confirmed to both write and direct Resident Evil: Retribution, word got out that Sienna Guillory would not reprise her turn as Jill Valentine in the film - despite her previous indications to the contrary, and her having portrayed the character during an important post-credits scene in Resident Evil: Afterlife, which set the stage for the next film.

It looks like that matter is still up the air, though, based on Guillory's Tweet last night:

Big day tomorrow! Meeting Paul Anderson and ['Resident Evil: Retribution' producers] Jeremy Bolt and Robert Kultzer to see what my future looks like...

Fans were quite receptive to the news that several popular characters from the Resident Evil video game/animated movie universe would be making the jump to 3D live-action in Retribution - but reacted negatively to the news that another actress might be playing Jill Valentine in the film. Since Anderson has vocalized his desire for fan input with this installment, the odds are arguably in favor of Guillory returning after all.

Update: Sienna Guillory has tweeted that she (and subsequently Jill Valentine) will be back for Resident Evil: Retribution. Check out the official tweet below:



Resident Evil: Retribution is scheduled for theatrical release on September 14th, 2012.

We'll let you know when Gangster Squad has an official release date.

Source: Deadline, Sienna Guillory

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