Nick Frost Is The Last Dwarf Cast In 'Snow White and the Huntsman'

Just when it seemed that casting was complete for Universal's Snow White and the Huntsman, there comes news that one of the actors thought to be playing a dwarf in the film (Eddie Izzard) has dropped out - and been replaced by another talented funnyman, Shaun of the Dead/Hot Fuzz star Nick Frost.

Considering that Huntsman's dwarf characters will be brought to life by the likes of seven excellent actors, it begs the question: Is this this film or Relativity's still-untitled Snow White pic positioned to be (odd as the title may sound) THE great retelling of the famous Brothers Grimm fairy tale arriving next year?

To refresh your memory: Now that Variety has confirmed Frost's involvement with Huntsman, we know he'll be appearing alongside the likes of Ian McShane, Bob Hoskins (Who Framed Roger Rabbit), Toby Jones (Captain America), Eddie Marsan (Sherlock Holmes), Stephen Graham (Boardwalk Empire) and Ray Winstone (The Departed) as small warriors, each of whom will be named after Roman emperors - as opposed to adjectives like Sleepy or Happy.

Twilight's Kristen Stewart will be playing the iconic princess, while Thor's Chris Hemsworth is starring as her would-be-killer-turned-protector, the famous huntsman. Sam Claflin is onboard to appear as Prince Charming and Charlize Theron is going to go the beautiful-but-evil route as Snow White's wicked stepmother and tyrannical queen.

Universal is already making plans for Huntsman to hit it big at the box office, with the idea being that it will kick off a Snow White trilogy about the titular characters. But does that even sound like a good idea?

Seven dwarfs cast in The Brothers Grimm Snow White movie

Working in Huntsman's favor is the undeniably great supporting cast, the script being polished by Oscar-nominee Hossein Amini (The Wings of the Dove), and the director of the fantasy action-adventure being the man responsible for some very stylistic, violent video game ads, Rupert Sanders. However, there's been the concern for a while now that the film will play up a romantic angle between Stewart and Hemsworth, resulting in a Twilight-esque love triangle between Snow White, the Huntsman and Prince Charming in the film. Needless to say, that puts a damper on things.

Relativity's Snow White movie, by comparison, is being overseen by Tarsem Singh (The Cell, Immortals), whose visionary prowess ensures the project will certainly look fantastic. The film is also aiming to offer more of a mix of action and comedy than Huntsman, while still aiming to bring an "updated" take on the story - one that portrays the famous ebony-haired princess (here, to be played by Lily Collins) as a more active and capable figure.

Singh has already begun filming his Snow White project, which is slated to reach theaters by March 16th, 2012. Snow White and the Huntsman will arrive in theaters a couple of months later, on June 1st. So, in that regard, these will both be relatively fast productions.

Which one sounds more appealing to you - Singh's Snow White or Sander's Snow White and the Huntsman?

Source: Variety

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