The Nice Guys Final Trailer: Meet the World's Worst Detectives

Leading up to the release of the original buddy-cop comedy The Nice Guys from acclaimed writer/director Shane Black (Iron Man 3), many fans of the new film's co-stars Russell Crowe (Noah) and Ryan Gosling (The Big Short) may be excited to see the two butt-heads in what appears to be a highly original take on 1970s era detective fiction. All of the footage released thus far is promising of what appears to be a tightly produced studio marvel, replete with undeniable chemistry between its two leading men that could very well result in another critical hit for its all-star cast and crew.

Black is certainly no stranger to mixing the crime genre with humor, as evidenced by his 2005 neo-noir Kiss Kiss Bang Bang, and The Nice Guys should be in keeping with the former fan-favorite in terms of tone and thematic content. But before viewers around the world are finally allowed the privilege of seeing Black's latest work, the final feature length trailer is here in full force.

In the footage featured above, distributor Warner Bros. Pictures gives Black's most die-hard fans a few further glimpses of some of the mad-cap mayhem and professional malfeasance soon to come from Crowe and Gosling in The Nice Guys. Granted, the bits of narrative from the script proper largely remain the same, though there a number of new choice one-liners and visual gags to feast your eyes on ahead of the film's proper theatrical release later this month.

The Nice Guys Still

Everything appears to be pretty well put into place leading up to the final unveiling of Black's latest opus, and Crowe and Gosling look to be benefitting from their recently unveiled viral video sessions of couples counseling. There is currently little reason to believe that the film won't be an enjoyable amusement for general audiences, and might even end up being among the best Summer releases of 2016.

Until The Nice Guys finally make their long-awaited entrance into multiplexes around the world, here's to hoping that all of the comedy and good will established for the film ahead of its release is consistent with the final theatrical cut. Black has built quiet the reputation from himself as a seminal big budget filmmaker, having displayed more than his fair share of ingenuity and wit, making his latest cinematic offering a proverbial feast of the senses that no moviegoer should be willing to pass up sight unseen.

The Nice Guys will see theatrical release in the U.S. on May 20th, 2016.

Source: Warner Bros. Pictures

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