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Tron Legacy LEGO Box Preview

Nearly eight years after the release of Tron: Legacy, fans have mostly given up on the chances of seeing another chapter in the cyberpunk saga, but the Tron franchise lives on, albeit on life support. The underrated and little-seen animated spin-off series, Tron: Uprising, originally aired in 2012, is currently streaming on Hulu. Meanwhile, the computer setting of The Grid made a show-stopping appearance in Kingdom Hearts 3D: Dream Drop Distance, which was recently re-released for PlayStation 4. There has been talk of a franchise relaunch starring Jared Leto, but time will tell if the project ever makes it off the ground.

The next step for Tron comes in the form of a model from LEGO Ideas, which takes popular ideas from the fan community and turns them into full-blown LEGO sets. Initially pitched as a Light Cycle with a base inspired by The Grid and featuring a minifig of Sam Flynn (Garret Hedlund), the final set includes versions of the original pitch, as well as a ton of additional content for fans of Tron.

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It's true that Tron is currently in hibernation, but this LEGO set (the 21st in the LEGO Ideas line) proves that it's not gone forever. After all, Tron: Legacy hit theaters a whopping 28 years after the original. Hardcore fans of the saga shouldn't have to wait until 2038 for the next chapter, but they are a patient fandom, and it's hard to believe that the story of Tron is truly finished.

Whatever the case may be, here's what fans will get when they pick up the Tron: Legacy LEGO set!

The Minifigs

Tron Legacy Lego Minifigs

The initial LEGO Ideas pitch asked for a single minifig, of Sam Flynn (Garret Hedlund), the main protagonist of Tron: Legacy and the son of original lead Kevin Flynn (Jeff Bridges). The final set includes three minifigs; Sam, Quorra, and Rinzler, each of which have their own personalized accessories.

Sam comes with both a helmet or the character's regular hairstyle, as well as an identity disc which can be attached to his back. Quorra has her own signature hair style (gotta dig those bangs!), an identity disc, as well as her light sword. Finally, the mysterious Rinzler has his own custom helmet and two identity discs, just like in the movie.

The set also comes with a custom base based on The Grid, with classic blue "Tron lines." The base can be used as a staging ground for disc battles, or it can be used to hold the other main components of the set: the two light cycles.

The Light Cycles

Tron Legacy LEGO Light Cycle

Apart from its awe-inspiring color scheme and game-changing use of special effects, the most iconic element of both Tron movies has to be the light cycles. These sleekly designed motorcycles don't emit regular exhaust, but bright trails of hard light,  called power streams, which can be used to defeat opponents riding their own light cycles. The original film's light cycle chase was an incredible action sequence for 1982; there was simply nothing else like it. Tron: Legacy took the foundation set by the original movie to create its own light cycle sequence, and it's simply jaw-dropping. Even eight years later, Tron: Legacy is still a gorgeous film, and that incredible chase remains a highlight, no pun intended.

The Tron: Legacy LEGO set contains two light cycles – one with a black and blue color scheme for Sam, and another with Rinzler's black and orange hues. Naturally, both bikes have power streams which can be attached to the back of the vehicles, and the display base of the set has spots to hold the cycles in place, allowing for dramatic posing of the two bikes with their riders.

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The Tron: Legacy LEGO set is set to release on March 31 for $34.99, and contains 230 pieces.

A new Tron film may not be in active development right now, but the saga remains relevant to its many fans and supporters. This LEGO set is proof of the fandom's enduring love for the sci-fi series. Nobody knows for sure when Disney will decide to finally take a chance on another Tron revival, but here's hoping that the sequel gap is measured in terms of years, not decades.

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