Next James Bond Funnier?

Daniel Craig said in a recent interview with the Daily Express that in the next Bond movie, the producers want to make it more funny, along the lines of the Roger Moore Bond movies.

Bad idea.

The last Bond movie, Casino Royale, was excellent having received stars on our very own Screen Rant. Good characterization, a strong sense of action, almost no stupid gadgets, a beautiful actress that could act, and almost none of the stupid throw away one-liners that made Roger Moore's Bond movies so hokey. Do the people involved in the process of making these movies ever pay attention?

Overall, Casino Royale met with rave reviews once it was released. I don't remember any negative reviews at all. Why change it?

Being a lifelong Bond fan, I've always enjoyed the Connery Bond movies. His films were always the benchmark for the other movies. George Lazenby, in his one performance, was okay but I always felt he was doing somewhat of a Connery imitation. Roger Moore's movies were so completely different that they never appealed to me. I thought that the Timothy Dalton Bond was too serious and failed to be fun. Pierce Brosnan started strong but ended up in Roger Moore territory, too much humor and too many crazy gadgets.

On the other hand, Casino Royale was a fine reboot of the series. It lost all of that extra baggage and gave us a leaner, meaner Bond who wasn't quite as polished as we all remember James Bond being. Lets all hope the next movie follows a formula similar to Casino Royale.

Source: Daily Express

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