The Next Doctor Who Has Already Been Cast

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The next Doctor has already been cast, ahead of Peter Capaldi's departure. With just three episodes left in season 10, Doctor Who is quickly heading towards the moment when twelve will regenerate into thirteen, as Capaldi bows out of the TARDIS. The Doctor has been noticeably weakening this season, and seems to hold a sense of foreboding, as if he knows what's to come.

The question over exactly who takes over remains unanswered, though. While many names have been rumored, the exact gender, ethnicity, and name of Capaldi's successor is still mystery - but they have been cast. Former Doctor Who showrunner, Russell T. Davis, appeared at the British LGBT Awards, and spoke to YouTube channel, Andy Vision. When asked whether he would like the next Doctor to be a female, Davis refused to be drawn on the subject, simply stating that he had no influence on the decision at all. However, he did give this away:

"I do know who it is."

But he wouldn't so much as whisper a name, of course, and joked that he's been trained on how to deflect questions of a spoiler nature. The host tried his best though, asking Davis not to shake his head if the new Doctor is younger than Capaldi...and Davis didn't shake his head. The interview was lighthearted, though in all honesty it's highly likely that the incoming Time Lord will be younger than Capaldi, but by all accounts, it seems that the role is now filled, and we're just waiting for that big reveal.

Peter Capaldi as Doctor Who

Outgoing showrunner Steven Moffat, recently revealed why he never cast a female in the role, explaining that it was no more than he felt that Matt Smith, and then Capaldi, were the right actors for the role. However, with the show trying to take a more inclusive approach, and being more diverse, we've seen Pearl Mackie cast as the first openly gay companion, Bill Potts. That could well influence new showrunner, Chris Chibnall in his decision. While a female Doctor still seems unlikely this time around, Chibnall could well decide to cast an actor from an ethnic minority background, or even make some changes to the Doctor's character that reflect the diverse society we now live in.

Doctor Who season 10 continues on Saturday, June 17, with 'The Eaters of Light' on BBC1 and BBC America.

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Source: Andy Vision

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