Next & Different Darksiders Game to Be Revealed at E3 2019

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The Darksiders story isn't over yet. The long-running action series, which takes place in the middle of the biblical apocalypse, is getting another entry in the future. That's according to a Darksiders event that is scheduled to take place during E3 2019.

The original Darksiders first released back in 2010, and developed a strong following for its over the top setting and fun hack and slash gameplay. It was followed by Darksiders 2 in 2012, before the bankruptcy of publisher THQ put the series on hiatus until it was resurrected for 2018's Darksiders 3. The game, which saw Fury fighting the Seven Deadly Sins, was a decent financial success, and this clearly means that there's scope for another Darksiders game.

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This seems to be on the cards, at least according to a listing for E3 2019. As spotted by WCCFTech, there's a Darksiders event occurring at the E3 Coliseum main stage on the Thursday of the expo. Called Darksiders: Action Adventure Evolved, this panel will reportedly coincide with the announcement of a "brand new Darksiders game that takes the franchise in a fresh direction."

Darksiders Games

The panel itself looks as though it will primarily be delving into the history of the Darksiders series, but also touch on where it can be taken next. It promises to at least have some focus on the business side of Darksiders, too, and will reportedly talk about its "corporate lore," which might take a little explaining. Perhaps there may be a discussion about how Darksiders came back from the dead under THQ Nordic.

However, the question on every fan's lips will undoubtedly be what this new game is. There's still one Horseman of the Apocalypse to be covered in the Darksiders series, with Strife yet to get his own game in spite of an appearance in Darksiders 3. That said, given that the E3 listing hints at a new direction for the series, and the relatively recent release of Darksiders 3, perhaps this new game will instead be a spin-off title ahead of the eventual launch of Darksiders 4.

Either way, it will be interesting to see what THQ Nordic and Gunfire Games does next. With a Switch port of the original game, the potential for remasters is slowly running out and so new content will be required to keep Darksiders going. Hopefully there won't be any more repeats of the 8Chan incident from THQ Nordic, though.

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Source: WCCFTech

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