MCU Actor Says Next Captain America Could Be Black Or A Woman

Marvel Studios' next Captain America after Chris Evans could be black or a woman, according to Marvel Cinematic Universe actor Frank Grillo.

Marvel Studios' next Captain America after Chris Evans could be black or a woman, according to Marvel Cinematic Universe actor Frank Grillo. Evans debuted as Steve Rogers in the fifth movie released as part of the MCU, Captain America: The First Avenger. He's gone on to star in five additional MCU movies - including two other standalones and three Avengers team-ups - and he's become as much of a staple of the franchise as Robert Downey Jr. as Tony Stark/Iron Man.

However, Avengers 4 will bring an end to many aspects of the MCU, with fans speculating original characters like Steve Rogers and Tony Stark could die. After all, the MCU contracts for Evans and Downey have run out. Further fuel was added to that particular fire when Evans tweeted he'd wrapped Avengers 4 reshoots and seemed to bid farewell to the character of Captain America for the final time. Though the actor has since clarified the statement, assuring fans his tweet doesn't mean Captain America will die in Avengers 4, it's still generally believed Steve Rogers will be hanging up his superhero alter ego in the upcoming movie. Of course, that poses the question of who will be the next Captain America - and one MCU star has some ideas.

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While on Larry King Now, Grillo spoke briefly about his time working in the MCU, appearing in Captain America: The Winter Soldier alongside Evans' Captain America. Though Grillo said he's not surprised Evans is retiring as the Marvel superhero, he wouldn't give a definitive answer about who will next pick up the shield. When asked who the next Captain America will be, Grillo said: "I don’t know, but there have been rumors that Captain America could be an African American, it could be a woman."

Fans of the Marvel Comics know that there are a number of other characters besides Steve Rogers who have operated under the mantle of Captain America. For quite some time, it's been speculated either Bucky Barnes (Sebastian Stan) or Sam Wilson (Anthony Mackie) will take on the persona of Captain America after Evans' departure. Both MCU actors have plenty more movies on their contracts and both characters have picked up the vibranium shield at one point in the comics. As for potential female characters who could operate as Captain America, America Chavez - who goes by Miss America in the comics - is a popular character fans have wanted to see introduced into the MCU for some time.

That said, though fans might love to see America Chavez take the reins from Evans' Captain America, it seems more likely to be either Bucky or Sam. The characters have long been part of the MCU and Marvel Studios might find it a safer bet to have an established character take on the mantle of Captain America than a previously unknown (to movie fans, at least) character. Of course, that's all speculation at this point. Marvel Studios is keeping the events of Avengers 4 tightly under wraps and little to nothing is known about how exactly it will impact the future of the MCU. So, in terms of who the next Captain America will be, all fans have is rumor and speculation at this point.

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Source: Larry King Now

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