Details on Next 2 Rainbow Six Siege Operators Already Leaked

Rainbow Six Siege New Operators

Rainbow Six: Siege will be adding two new operators in its next season, but crucial details about both characters may have already leaked. A leak that comes from a seemingly reputable source has indicated that the two new operators will have vision-based abilities that should alter gameplay significantly for those who choose to practice with them.

Rainbow Six: Siege is now into its fourth year of additional content, called Operation Burnt Horizon. The most recent patch introduced the Newcomer playlist, which will assist players who haven't hit level 50 yet, familiarizing them with how the game works. It's an effort to attract new players to a multiplayer game that has some of the most complex, exciting gameplay available, but can be intimidating to newcomers because of how much content and tactical variation has been introduced over the game's nearly four year history.

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According to a leak on Resetera, there are even more changes coming to the game soon, especially when it comes to the functionality of its operators. We already knew that Rainbow Six: Siege would be adding two new operators: one from the United States Secret Service, and one Danish operator. Apparently, the Danish character will be "invisible to cameras" and will have a silent step similar to Caveira's ability to make her movements close to silent for a specific period of time. Naturally, that makes the new Danish character a good fit for stealth gameplay, and should change the dynamic of team operations moving forward.

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The US character will instead have a special form of vision that allows them to bypass flashes and smokes, which should make them well-suited to defending objectives during enemy attacks. Neither character's abilities are confirmed, but the information comes from a user in Kormora who accurately identified the names and gadgets of the two Australian operators who were added to Rainbow Six: Siege this week, citing an "industry friend" as the source of their knowledge in that instance.

The description of the Danish attacker operator fits in with what we know to expect from them, when Ubisoft revealed in February that they would be an expert in stealth tactics. If their abilities both end up to be true, the addition of these characters should drastically shake up the Rainbow Six: Siege metagame, with both seemingly ready to slot into solid roles in team compositions while also offering the kind of new gameplay that should tempt even the most dedicated players away from their operators of choice for at least a few days.

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Source: Resetera (via PCGamesN)

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