Watch 'The Newsroom' & 'Weeds' Premieres Online Now

If you happened to miss The Newsrooms series premiere last night, or can't wait until July 1st to watch the Weeds season 8 premiere, you're in luck, as they're both available to watch online. For free. Right now.

Continuing television's trend of making premieres available online (in advance), HBO and Showtime have both uploaded their summer selections for instant viewing. For those interested in watching The Newsroom, you can check out premiere below. If a satisfying conclusion to the Weeds season 7 cliffhanger is what you're after, stick around, as there are a few "steps" you'll need to take in order to find out what happens next to the Botwin family.

Putting his own spin on the behind-the-scenes workings of a cable news show, Aaron Sorkin has made the move to HBO for his new series The Newsroom. With Jeff Daniels serving as the leading star, fans of Sorkin won't want to miss the master writer's new series.

You can watch The Newsroom series premiere up above.



Instead of simply making the Weeds season 8 premiere available online, Showtime is attempting to use last season's cliffhanger as a way to transition a new audience to its UK series import, Episodes with Matt Leblanc. So if you're interested in finding out who the masked gunman is, you'll have to visit Showtime's "freeview" page on Facebook, watch the Episodes season 2 premiere, and then the Weeds season 8 premiere will be unlocked.

For those looking for a loophole, you can simply put the episode on mute and return later. Skipping ahead won't work.

Heading into its final season, Weeds season 8 has Nancy heading in a new direction. Following the events that occurred during last year's premiere, (most of the) the entire Botwin clan is trying to do good with their newfound freedom. Of course, turning a new leaf doesn't mean that Nancy's past can't come back to hurt them.

But who? And why? The answer is just one-click and 28 minutes away - head over to Showtime's "freeview" page on Facebook


The Newsroom airs Sundays @10pm on HBOWeeds season 8 premieres Sunday, July 1 @10pm on Showtime

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