'The Newsroom' Season 2 Teaser Trailer - Everybody's in the Desert

Newsroom Season 2 Trailer

A few weeks ago, HBO released a sneak peek at season 2 of Aaron Sorkin's The Newsroom that revealed a few breadcrumbs about the upcoming storyline.

Now we're getting a more stylized, metaphorical trailer that strands the crew of Newsnight in a desert where they chase mirages and encounter some of their own fears and frustrations. Also, there's a song by Tom Odell called "Can't Pretend".

Many of the relevant plot points from last season (and this season?) are touched upon in the trailer: Will's deep down desire for happiness with MacKenzie and his crippling anger over her past betrayals. The Jim, Maggie, Don, and Sloan quadrangle. Charlie's drinking and Leona's ever-watchful eye.

Newsroom S2 Trailer TV

The Leona thing - with Jane Fonda plastered on a billboard while looking over Charlie's shoulder - may speak to her role this season.  We already know that a large chunk of season 2 will be dedicated to a wrongful termination lawsuit and the blowback from that, so it's easy to assume that her wrath may be a bit more formidable this time around or that Charlie might not be as lucky.

As previously stated, the trailer is thick with metaphor, so while Jane Fonda smiling deviously on a billboard as Jack McCoy throws back a cocktail catches the eye, the thing that really stands out is Will chasing Mac up that hill only to find the glow of a TV that seems as abandoned in the desert as the Newsnight staffers that surround it. Is Sorkin trying to say that while they're all chasing something, the show is their true salvation? What about the closing tagline, "Together they stand alone"? Seems like this season of The Newsroom is about to get bleak.


The Newsroom season 2 premieres @10pm on July 14th on HBO.

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