New York Comic Con: Everything You Need To Buy, Pack & Download Before You Go

Ahead of New York Comic Con 2018, here's everything you need to know, buy, pack and download before attending this year's comic convention at the Jacob K. Javits Convention Center in New York City, New York. Held annually by ReedPOP, this year's New York Comic Con kicks off on Thursday Oct. 4 and concludes Sunday Oct. 7. Over those four days, comic book creators, movie studios and television networks flock to Manhattan in order to promote their nerdy properties.

While those following at home will be more focused on trailers released at NYCC or any news announced, fans actually attending the convention in New York City will need to prepare so that they're ready. So, for those attending one or more days of the con, make sure your NYCC tickets are secured, and here's everything else you need to know!

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What To Wear & Bring

October in New York can be unpredictable, so always make sure to check the weather before heading to NYCC. Layers are typically a good idea in the fall, especially when moving from the crowded show floor at NYCC to air-conditioned panel rooms. Similarly, comfortable shoes are a must since there will be a great deal of walking and standing. If you're cosplaying, just remember you may be in that costume for 10+ hours (unless you pack a change of clothes), so plan accordingly. Additionally, some basic necessities like deodorant, hand sanitizer and tissues will also help you stay healthy throughout the con.

Speaking of packing, a backpack is a good idea for the necessities, but pack light if you're planning to pick up collectibles, comics and/or books from the show floor or Artist Alley. Further, it's a good idea to have some cash on hand since not all vendors take cards (and the lines for the ATMs can get long). A poster tube is a relatively cheap investment, but it'll make transporting posters much easier. Lastly, a portable charger for your phone is a must. While there are outlets and charging stations around NYCC, it's often difficult to find one that's open.

Remember To Drink Water & Eat

Be sure to bring a refillable water bottle to NYCC so as to not waste money on disposable bottles. Also, while NYCC-goers are allowed to bring food and drink into Javits, separate locations - like Hammerstein Ballroom and the theater at Madison Square Garden - may have stricter guidelines so be aware. Still, it's a good idea to pack some snacks for the day, or get some grub outside of Javits and bring it in. The convention center does have food, but the lines are long. Plus, it's New York City, there's plenty of different kinds of food to be had!

Plan Ahead, But Be Prepared To Wait In Line

Make a list of artists you want to see, panels you want to attend and booths you want to check out ahead of time. It will make coordinating your day that much easier. But, even with planning ahead, you'll still undoubtedly have to wait in line. So pack a book, or pick up some comics ahead of time in order to make the wait go faster. Or, strike up a conversation with a fellow convention-goer!

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Apps & Accounts To Follow For NYCC

The official New York Comic Con mobile app is a must-download in order to keep track of everything you want to do - plus it has a map of Javits, the show floor and Artist Alley, which comes in handy. Meanwhile the event's official Twitter and @NYCCLines are also key for receiving important updates about panels, lines and all things NYCC related.

However, in terms of getting to NYCC, there's a number of helpful apps to navigate New York City - which can be difficult even for residents. Citymapper can be useful in navigating around the five boroughs of the city, but if you're coming in from out of town, NJ Transit, the LIRR and Metro-North each have their own MTA apps. Make sure to check for schedule changes or delays so you can plan around NYC's notoriously frustrating public transit and not miss out on anything at NYCC!


We'll be running more guides for what to check out while you're at NYCC, including which panels and autographs to keep an eye out for. Stick with Screen Rant for all your NYCC needs.

For more information, head to the official New York Comic Con website.

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