New York Comic-Con 2013 Preview

The 2013 New York Comic-Con is here, meaning that the streets of Manhattan will once again be taken over by legions of cosplayers and fanboys and the geek elite, as they all descend upon the Javits Center for a weekend of unbridled celebration of TV, Movies, Video Games - and yes, even comic books and comic book culture.

In our NYCC '13 preview we'll provide a road map to what the weekend will bring, and provide links to help you stay up on all the TV/Movie items that will be featured at the convention - as well as some fun little tidbits about what NYCC is like. Enjoy!

Can't be at the convention? No problem. You can catch a lot of the major events from the convention RIGHT HERE, thanks to this streaming feed:

Outside in the streets, the city's top heroes are already answering the call to action. We got tangled in this Dark Knight's cape quite a few times:

NYCC 2013 Batman Cosplay in Street
"I'm wearing hockey pads!"

In need of proper work space (and breathing room), we'll be staying above all the madness of the 'Con, camping out in a new decked-out press lounge that has quite a nice view:

New York Comic-Con 2013 Panoramic View of Floor

In terms of what there will be to see at NYCC? The film docket is surprisingly sparse this year, with the only real major offering being Spike Lee's much-talked-about remake of Oldboy, the hit manga turned cult-classic Korean film - now turned Hollywood remake.

With a new American setting and trailers hinting at some new and different themes to the work, Oldboy could be the dark horse of this year's convention - the way James Wan's The Conjuring got a major push at last year's convention, before going on to be a big summer hit.


Movies might not be crowding the schedule this year - but all that means is that TV has more room to run free. Check out a list of TV Panels we'll be covering:

The big "X Factor" in that lineup is of course X-Files. The panel will feature show stars David Duchovny and Gillian Anderson in a rare reunion; could a big game-changing announcement be on the way (like that 3rd movie) - or just some nostalgia about the series? Stay tuned on Sunday 10/13 to find out.

Beyond those TV and Movie focuses, there will be more cool stuff we bring to your attention - from the photos of cosplayers, to great interviews with the actors and writers behind some of the biggest shows and films of the moment - and even looks into Comic Con culture that inquiring minds often wonder about.

Check out a few fun things we've seen already:

Samuel L. Jackson's Avengers character Nick Fury got his own wax figure to be included at Madame Tussauds in Times Square. With his cycloptic doppleganger attending in his stead, Jackson no longer has to be on-hand to mean-mug people:

Nick Fury Wax Figure Screw Face

In a delicious twist of irony, one enterprising camera girl happened to ask us, on camera, why people were staring at this particular "toy" with so much interest:

Avengers Age of Ultron Collectible

Boy did we have some fun with that - ever hear of Avengers: Age of Ultron, lady? (We're trying not to geek out too hard over that vision head in his hand - this is a collectible drawn from the comics, not Joss Whedon's upcoming sequel film. Still, a geek can hope, right?)

Finally: you can now get a jacket that tells the world which side you stand on in the big Batman vs. Superman showdown, which will be crashing into theaters in 2015.

Batman vs. Superman Jackets
Biking World's Finest.

This guy is still making up his mind about what hero he wants to back. Could be awhile before he gets it worked out:

NYCC 2013 Rocky Figure


New York Comic-Con 2013 will be running from October 10 -13th. Stay tuned to our Coverage Page for the latest.

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