Wolverine's Sons & Magneto's Daughter Lead New X-Men Team

WARNING: This article contains SPOILERS for X-Men: Blue #25


Led by the sons of Wolverine and the daughter of Magneto, a new team of X-Men has emerged in the pages of X-Men: Blue #25. The team appears to be Marvel's planned replacement for the All-New X-Men whose "Xtinction" is being teased. All after just one year on the job, too.

The ascension of these second generation X-Men isn't as shocking as it might seem. Magneto's daughter, Polaris has been a major supporting character of the X-Men universe since her creation in the late 1960s. The same goes for the sons of Wolverine in more recent years, with each pulled from a different parallel universe (trust us, it's not as complicated as it sounds). The trio have all played both villainous and heroic roles in their comic book history, but X-Men: Blue plans to make leaders out of them yet.

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In the comics, Polaris a.k.a. Lorna Dane has even served as the leader of X-Factor, a government-sponsored offshoot of the X-Men. The character has enjoyed a rise in popularity after being featured as a main character in FOX's The Gifted (played by Emma Dumont). But her formation of a new team is primarily motivated by necessity, not a larger "legacy" emphasis.

The recent Venom/X-Men crossover "Poison X" sent the All-New X-Men (and Venom) into outer space, leaving behind only two members of the previous team: Bloodstorm, a vampire version of Storm from an alternate reality, and Jimmy Hudson, the son of Wolverine from Marvel's now-deceased UItimate universe.

In X-Men: Blue #25, Polaris decides to bring together a new team of X-Men to take their place until they return. Check out the team below:

Joining Polaris, Jimmy, and Bloodstorm are Xorn, Gazing Nightshade, and Daken. Daken is also the son of the original Wolverine currently returning to the Marvel Universe. Initially used as a villain, Daken has served as a member of Norman Osborn's Dark Avengers and has frequently clashed with his father. Following the character's death and resurrection, Daken has begun to show a more heroic side of himself. For fans, it will be interesting to see how the two sons of Wolverine will interact with each other. As members of Wolverine's growing family, it may not come as a surprise if the two end up fighting.

In upcoming issues, the new team of X-Men will be up against Havok, Polaris' on-and-off-again love interest and brother of Cyclops. Havok turned evil during AXIS when a spell "inverted" several heroes and villains. While most characters were restored to their natural state, Havok's transformation was unfortunately permanent. Now, Havok is working with Emma Frost, Miss Sinister, and Bastion, to put mutants "on top of the food chain".

Complete with new blue-and-black uniforms, the children of the X-Men and the other members of the group will have their work cut out for them as they struggle to defeat their former teammate. With the All-New X-Men possibly coming to an end, Polaris' new team may remain in place for quite some time.

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X-Men: Blue #25 is on sale now from Marvel.

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