Bunch Of New Watchmen Posters And Images

With only a month left before 2009's most anticipated movie, Watchmen, hits theaters, the marketing machine behind the film is cranking into high gear. Aside from the drool-inducing trailers and TV spots, new stills and promotional posters for Watchmen are popping up left and right.

(Oh and did you notice the cool new Rorschach pic up above? Who loves ya better than Screen Rant, baby!)

These latest posters are pretty cool: one captures the atmosphere of the Watchmen continuum with a "no more masks" anti-superhero wanted list; the other is a group pic of the Watchmen depicted in larger-than-life scale to promote the film's IMAX release. Check them out:

Watchmen "No more masks" poster

Watchmen IMAX poster

These posters are definitely better than some of the earlier promo art that we've seen for Watchmen. (Is it OK to start getting really crazy excited for this film to come out? If it isn't, consider me having jumped the shark. I've been walking around my apartment for days now with an old cloth marked up by a Sharpie pen pulled over my face. Just call me Rorschach.)

Finally, before I leave you and because I love you--and because I love Watchmen even more than I love you, here is a slew of new images from the film. The pics include Dr. Manhattan going buck-wild with his powers in a local bar; Nite Owl and Silk Spectre II happening past a sign-waving street prophet while on a late night stroll; the old news vendor yelling at the sign-waving "prophet of doom" and finally, the prophet himself waving his sign, letting people know that the end is coming. Enjoy.

Watchmen's Dr. Manhattan lashes out

Nite Owl, Rorschach and Silk Spectre II in Watchmen

News vendor and Rorschach in a scene from Watchmen

Rorschach unmasked

So what do you think, are the new posters and images getting you rabidly excited for Watchmen? Don't stress: with the lawsuit between Fox and Warner Bros. settled, it should be smooth sailing from here on out until March 6, 2009, when Watchmen hits theaters.

Source: Latino Review, MTV News & io9

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