New Watchmen Footage Features Rorschach, Jeremy Irons, & Masked Police Force

Watchmen hallway scene

New footage from the upcoming Watchmen TV show features Rorschach, Jeremy Irons' character, and a masked police force. Watchmen originated as a comic book series published in the late '80s and was adapted into a live-action film in 2009 from director Zack Snyder. Even though the film never received a sequel, Watchmen is remaining prevalent in the comic book world with an HBO TV series.

It was first confirmed in 2015 that HBO was developing a Watchmen TV show, but it wasn't until 2018 that HBO officially ordered Watchmen to series. Since then, fans have gotten the occasional update about the show, including Watchmen set photos and promotional images that hint at the story of the show. The exact plot of Watchmen is still currently unknown, but showrunner Damon Lindelof has confirmed that the series won't be a direct adaptation of the Watchmen comic books. Fans just got a first look at Watchmen from a new HBO preview, but three more teasers have also been revealed.

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Posted on the official Watchman Instagram, fans have gotten their best look yet of the Watchmen TV show. The first clip shows a man walking down a hallway in a cowboy hat before revealing a fedora-less Rorschach. Irons can be seen in the second clip saying, "It's only just begun," along with yellow-masked police officers. The third clip also shows this police force, but also reveals two other masked characters. All three of these short teasers can be seen below:

Much like the story for Watchmen, character information has been incredibly scarce. Irons is supposedly playing an older version of Ozymandias, but other roles have been left a mystery. That being said, several actors have been cast in HBO's Watchmen, including Regina King, Don Johnson, and Louis GossettWatchmen has also cast Aquaman villain Yahya Abdul-Mateen II, as well as Zoo's James Wolk in unknown roles.

2019 looks to have the most superhero movies ever, but TV fans won't be left in the dark. Many fans have been craving a sequel to Snyder's Watchmen ever since its release, but many think that a TV series on HBO is a better platform for Watchmen considering the series will be able to dig deeper into the Watchmen mythology. The Watchmen comic books have always served as an alternative take on superhero stories, and these new teasers seem to reveal that the TV show will also be unique in its own way.

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Watchman will be released on HBO sometime in 2019.

Source: Watchman Instagram

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