New Wanted Trailer: Looking Better And Better

The more I see of the upcoming action flick Wanted, the more I look forward to it.

There's a brand new trailer out which you can watch below and it has lots of new scenes we haven't seen before. My pre-viewing opinion on this is that if you can get past the incredibly over the top absurdities in the film, it ought to be a heck of a wild ride.

About the only thing that I think may get old is the curving bullet thing that seems to play such a big part in the movie. That gag shows up three times in the two minute trailer below and I know it's used at least one other time from a scene I've seen elsewhere.

Gotta say the "shooting the wings off a fly" was just about laugh out loud funny, and if you do a Google search on Wesley Gibson you'll get 456,000 hits and not zero - but beyond that I say: bring it!

BTW, an interesting bit of info came up during this past weekend's Wizard World Philadephia according to Sci-Fi Wire. For fans of Mark Millar's graphic novel upon which the movie is based, there's been some complaining that there are no super-powered villains in the movie (although I'd argue they seem pretty much super-powered to me) although there are in the book. It seems that the movie is based on the original idea for the book, was optioned before the book was complete and the Millar took the story in a different direction in his graphic novel.

Mel Caylo, a spokeman for Top Cow Productions stated:

"At that time, Mark had an idea based around a society of assassins that worked underground or behind the scenes, and that's what the producers bought. Mark then decided to go in the direction that Earth was once populated by superheroes, but they have been vanquished, ... and supervillains now run the Earth [in] five major cabals that run the whole world. They went with the original concept and based the film on that."

Wanted opens on June 27, 2008.

Source: MySpace and thanks to AICN for pointing it out.

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