New Wanted Trailer: International And Restricted

I'll be damned - I just found out that the summer actioner Wanted which stars Angelina Jolie and James McAvoy will be rated R. I'm really surprised at that - I was quite sure they were going to make it a PG-13 bloodless version of The Matrix to bring the kiddies into the theater. Suddenly I've got a bit more respect for this thing and it's looking more like a movie for grown ups.

So... having a "red band" trailer for it makes sense. The trailer below is an international trailer, in Russian, but it's all about the visuals anyway. While the U.S. trailer makes it look like kind of a hokey PG-13 popcorn movie, the trailer below makes it look much more serious (curving bullet trajectories notwithstanding) and gritty.

Again, this is an R-rated trailer with both explicit violence and some sexual content, so you've been warned.

After seeing that I've got a whole different feeling about this movie - for the better.

Thanks to /Film for the heads up and find way HUGER versions of the trailer over at the Russian site (man those guys get a lot of cool stuff...)

Wanted opens on June 27th

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