Across the decades, Marvel and DC have introduced an uncountable number of characters in their vast array of books and stories. Thanks to jumping over into other media, many of these creations have become household names, but hundreds are left unknown to all but the most diehard fans. With each new year bringing dozens of comics from both publishers, it can be hard to keep up with all the latest editions to both Marvel’s and DC’s vast catalogue of heroes and villains.

More often than not, the superheroes get the spotlight as the stars of various books, but every good hero needs a good villain to face off against. Luckily, the past few years have seen just as many powerful, interesting, and just plain bizarre ne’er do wells introduced as saviors. From parodies to celestial forces to alternate versions of characters, we’ve seen a number of exciting new villains join Marvel and DC comics recently. Not too long ago, we gave you a rundown on some of Marvel’s newest threats, but there’s still plenty to examine from both them and the Distinguished Competition.

Here are 16 Brand New Villains In Marvel And DC Comics You Need To Know About.

16. Red Tool (DC)

Joker Red Tool Harley Quinn Comic 16 Brand New Villains In Marvel And DC Comics You Need To Know About

Red Tool is one of DC’s newest and funniest inventions. A mercenary with a penchant for using power tools as weapons, he first appeared in last year’s Harley Quinn #26 as a potential love interest. The more interesting aspect of his character, however, comes behind-the-scenes.

Marvel and DC have spent decades using each other as inspiration and throwing jokes at one another in the pages of their comics. Red Tool, also known as Wayne Wilkins, is a not-so-subtle jab at Marvel’s Deadpool. Of course, it’s only fitting as Deadpool himself was a sort of parody of DC’s Deathstroke. Even Deadpool’s civilian identity of Wade Wilson is a play on Deathstroke’s alter-ego Slade Wilson.

Rob Liefeld has never hidden the fact that his maniacal, fourth-wall-breaking anti-hero is a play on DC’s poe-faced mercenary, so it’s no surprise DC didn’t bother to even obscure their parody with the goofy Red Tool.

15. Empirikul (Marvel)

Empirikul 16 Brand New Villains In Marvel And DC Comics You Need To Know About

The Empirikul are actually an entire group of villains, all lead by the zealous and maniacal Imperator. The organization and their leader first appeared in 2015’s Doctor Strange #1, the group are an interdimensional threat dead set on destroying all magic in the multiverse. As part of Jason Aaron’s fantastic ‘Last Days of Magic’ arc, the Imperator and the Empirikul allow the writer to greatly expand the mythos of magic in the Marvel universe, not to mention providing Doctor Strange with a set of science-obsessed foes.

While the Sorcerer Supreme has battled plenty of evil magic-users in his long comics history, the Empirkul offers something truly unique, complete with a sympathetic backstory. The story also opens the doors to the current state of Doctor Strange comics and the future of magic in Marvel Comics.