Marvel's New Venom Just Became a Symbiote GIANT

Venom Giant Frost Giant Comic

Warning: SPOILERS for Venom #14

Eddie Brock and his magic Venom symbiote suit just became the biggest, most ruthless force on Marvel's Earth. To defend New York from invading Frost Giants, Eddie is forced to get not just badder, but bigger. Big enough to take a bite out of the giants... literally.

The Frost Giants who have invaded Earth must be rethinking their willingness to follow Malekith by now, with the Thor movie villains' pride now at an all-time low. It seems any hero of Earth is capable of beating them: Captain America did it impersonating Thor, while the god of thunder invaded their home planet and slayed dozens in a bloody berserker rage, creating mountains out of their corpses. Heck, even Ant-Man and his giant Avengers team humiliated the frost giants after doping them with acting abilities so bad, they may qualify for a Razzie. And now, Eddie and his new suit have joined the ranks of giant-killers, answering the question no one needed to know: what does a frost giant taste like?

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The streets of Marvel's version of Manhattan have become a warzone in the War of The Realms, replacing Wall Street crowds and jogging strollers with The Punisher slaying trolls and a horde of Dark Elves. So upon receiving his new, magical suit from Malekith's war witches, Eddie discoversd that this suit is not the same as his beloved symbiote. While he is solely in control, the magic powering the suit comes at a cost. It needs rage. It needs darkness. Something Eddie is almost too eager to give it. So when confronted by a group of Frost Giants, the magic within Eddie's suit begins to work... growing him to the size of a skyscraper to match:

Venom Fighting Frost Giants

The process is something truly painful from the sounds of it, since it isn't the symbiote growing in size (which might by possible for the original, alien version, as opposed to this anger-fueled magic). Eddie's internal monologue explains how he becomes building-sized with the use of magic... by being broken and remade to the new scale:

Giants. Too big to fight. At least... like this. and just like that, I can feel the witch's magic surging through me. Through my bones. Plumming my psyche--my memories--for whatever it was that made Venom, Venom. And I feel it. Not just the magic stretching my frame, breaking and healing my bones a thousand times over in a second... All the pain. The hate. Jealousy. Humiliation. Betrayal. Suit wants rage? Wants darkness? I've got plenty to spare.

Eddie doesn't let the pain overwhelm him, because before you know it he's sinking his teeth into the neck of a frost giant, happily ripping out a piece of his flesh (noting that the massive residents of Jotunheim taste "Minty"). The oversized Venom makes quick work of the Frost Giants, cleaving one in two with his ax, and relentlessly stabbing another with his magic symbiote tendrils. The giant Venom may be short lived, soon succumbing to his weakness of fire and returning Eddie to his normal size.

Even with a Dark Elf artifact giving Eddie the ability to make the suit of his dreams, and expand his body to tower over New York's streets, he still made himself vulnerable to fire... maybe he just forgot.

Venom #14 is available now from your local comic book store, or direct from Marvel Comics.

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