New 'Up' Trailer Reveals More Story Details

A brand new full length trailer for Disney Pixar's Up has debuted for the weekend and if you have seen Watchmen, there’s a chance you've already seen it.

While my Thursday midnight screening of Watchmen didn’t have the new Star Trek trailer, it did have this one and I’m happy it did as it had the whole crowd laughing and smiling.

This third trailer for Up finally presents us with a bit of the adventure that the main characters go on in the film. The first trailer only showed the bitter 78-year old Carl Fredricksen launch his home into the skies with the use of balloons and him meeting Russell (the young boy scout).

The best part of the trailer (for me) is meeting a new main character, Dug. Dug is a golden retriever dog who can speak - you’ll quickly see why he’s my favorite.

Watch and enjoy:


For HD versions of the trailer head over to Yahoo! Movies.

We also get to meet the villainous mad scientist Charles Mudds who’s voiced by the talented Christopher Plummer.

The scenes with Dug and the giant colorful bird brought big laughs in our sold out show of Watchmen and I think most are pretty excited to see it – I know I am.

May is the ultimate movie month for 2009. We have X-Men Origins: Wolverine on the 1st, Star Trek on the 8th, Angels & Demons on the 15th, Terminator Salvation on the 21st and Up opens May 29, 2009!

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