New Tropic Thunder Restricted Trailer

We've got We had the restricted (aka red band) trailer for the upcoming R-rated comedy Tropic Thunder, but since we don't have age verification here we were asked to pull the trailer. Be warned that the following trailer is most definitely not suited for all audiences.

We haven't covered it much here, but for adults who don't mind crass humor this looks like it could be pretty damned funny. Of course one of the dangers of judging a comedy based on a trailer is that sometimes all the funny bits are there and there isn't anything new left for the movie itself.

You can still see it here:

One of the more interesting things about the movie is that Robert Downey Jr (now a "hot property" and bound to add box office to this flick) plays a white guy playing a black guy in the film. There's been the expected bit of controversy over this, which I think is overblown and pretty dumb.

Anyway, I'd love to hear what you think about this based on the trailer (again, remember this is an R-rated trailer).

So what do you think? Over the top extreme humor or just crass and dumb? I'm hoping it's the former and not the latter. :-)

Tropic Thunder opens on August 15th

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