The New THOR is [SPOILER] in Marvel's Wasteland Future

Marvel Comics New Female Thor Identity

Warning: SPOILERS for Dead Man Logan #11

When the villains won in Marvel's universe, the dystopian future of Old Man Logan known as the Wastelands were born. After the Avengers were all killed, and the rest of Marvel's heroes along with them, the world became lawless but for the whims of the ruling villains, with little hope for the surviving citizens. The Dead Man Logan series has brought Wolverine back home to this cursed Earth, but his final days have proven to be downright historic.

Logan's last mission has brought him to the city of Hammer Falls, where tourists come to pray at the spot where Mjolnir rests. An empty plea for the return of the heroes, with the hammer unmoved since Thor was killed by Magneto and the Absorbing Man. Until now it stood as a cruel joke and a reminder that nobody is worthy in the Wasteland. But at long last, those prayers have been answered... and the hammer has been lifted once more.

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Before Mjolnir chooses its new master, an elderly Logan comes to Hammer Falls in search of Bruce Banner, Jr. (or as those who read Old Man Logan know him, the last living Hulk). The innocent Hulkling was being held by Logan's age-old nemesis Sabretooth and his army of cloned footsoldiers, meaning the former Wolverine required some back-up--delivered in the form of Dani Cage--Luke Cage and Jessica Jones's daughter (and future Captain America). A superhuman blessed with her father's nearly invulnerable skill and strength... who immediately learns that when you help Old Man Logan, the bad guys tend to find a way to make you hurt.

Dani Cage with Mjolnir

At the command of Mister Sinister (who time has not been kind to), Sabretooth had managed to capture Bruce Jr. in the hopes of giving Sinister a 'living bomb' he could use to claim a region of the Wastelands for himself. Of course, the geriatric Wolverine's plans don't go as expected. The rescue mission ends barely after it begins, when their getaway vehicle is hit with a rocket, spilling the heroes out in the middle of the town. But before their last battle can even begin, Sabretooth orders his men to shoot Dani directly in the chest.

Shot with the same penetrating bullet that took out her father, Dani is instantly beaten, and falls back... directly next to Mjolnir. As soon as she hits the ground, Mjolnir topples over in response--having not moved since the day it landed. From there, readers can guess what incredible scene plays out to the delight and horror of the heroes and villains bearing witness.

Marvel New Thor Dani Cage

With her dying breath Dani reaches for the hammer, and is healed instantly, becoming the new Thor of the Wastelands. The reveal leaves Creed saying three simple words: "Oh Hell no," but the prayers of those at Hammer Falls may have finally been answered. A hero has returned, with Sabretooth waiting patiently to help her break in her new godly powers. With one issue left in the series, this could be the turning point to usher in a new age of heroes in the Wastelands. Now, whether or not Logan lives to see it... that's a secret the solicitation details for the final issue aren't even hinting at.

  • Dead Man Logan #11 (of 12)
  • Written by: Ed Brisson
  • Art by: Mike Henderson
  • Cover Art by: Declan Shalvey
  • THE PENULTIMATE ENTRY IN DEAD MAN LOGAN’S STORY! You think you know, but you have NO IDEA what’s coming.

Dead Man Logan #11 is available now at your local comic shop or direct from Marvel Comics.

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