A NEW Thanos is Coming To Marvel's Comic Universe

Thanos is Taking Over a New, Living Body

It's at this point that we should probably point out that the Thanos from Avengers: Infinity War isn't really the same one made famous in Marvel's comics. For starters, there is no 'noble mission' that Thanos is committed to achieving before he finally rests. Well, not unless you consider 'watching as his enemies quiver and scatter before his grinning face' a mission, and 'having nobody else to fight, kill, or conquer' the same thing as resting. Thanos lives to instill fear and take control, and his promise to return by taking over a new body is just the latest instance. Still, the fact that he's pulling it off from beyond the grave is pretty impressive.

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Not many of the cosmic heroes, villains, space pirates, and demigods at the funeral respond with as much doubt as Beta Ray Bill, soon-to-be Guardian of the Galaxy. Unlike other survivors or scoundrels, Bill is comparable to Thor in both strength and honor, meaning he sees this as just as likely Thanos' last laugh as a legitimate threat. But in the event that Thanos is telling the truth, it's his brother Starfox who is most eager to kill the target before they can play host.

The Top Choices For The New Thanos

Thanos Reborn New Body Comic

Nobody knows Thanos like his brother, who has put the days since he heard the recorded message from Thanos to use like any good comic book fan would: measuring each Marvel Comics character and deciding which would give Thanos the biggest boost. Taking into consideration not just physical strength, but the brain and field of influence his new vessel must wield, Starfox has come up with a wide range of top candidates, seen in the image above. Considering just what Thanos would do with the powers of Odin, Venom, Loki, Nick Fury, Luke Cage, Ms. Marvel, She-Hulk, Black Panther, Ghost Rider, and several others is a potent mixture of fan service and bloodshed. But Starfox does have a prime target.

Considering that she is both the daughter of Thanos and his executioner, Starfox believes that it's Gamora who might be the most in need of a preemptive death. However, it still isn't clear how Thanos intends to 'upload' his consciousness into the target he chose before death, or whether the process is even able to be stopped or interrupted. Which means for the time being... readers have no choice but to wait and see whose body Thanos wants as his own... and how he plans to take it.


Which of these assorted Marvel Comics characters do YOU think would make for the best new host of Thanos? Should Marvel take the chance to give Thanos the powers of Odin, Juggernaut, or even Mephisto? Or does this plan seem like an imperfect way to bring Thanos back into the cosmic side of the Marvel universe? Let us know what you think (and who you want to see given the terrible honor) in the comments.

Guardians of the Galaxy #1 is available now at your local comic book store, and directly from Marvel Comics.

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