Four New Terminator: Salvation Images

Little by little, trailer by trailer, image by image we are getting an idea of what the new film Terminator: Salvation is going to turn out like. More than most movies set to be released this year this is one where movie fans will pounce on every little trailer, image and bit of info to try and figure out how they fit into the movie and what they could possibly mean.

Well today we have yet more images from the film, although this time we get a look at a couple of the people from the film and not the machines. Yeah, I know, not nearly as exciting but nonetheless it gives us another few glimpses of aspects of the movie:

Although I still don't like this trend of putting established rappers into movie roles, significant or otherwise, I must admit Common in the last two images above doesn't look too bad. Unlike something like Transformers, Terminator has always been about human survival against the attacking machines so we can expect and should accept a few significant human characters and for a lot of the film to involve them.

As I said above I know images of the human characters are far less exciting than those of the machines but I still think these four are pretty cool. Both characters look bad-ass (as we've all hoped for), particularly Moon Bloodgood (without a doubt one of the most unique names I've ever heard of) in the one where she's shooting through the holes in that wall.

It's no secret this new Terminator film is highly anticipated around these parts but let your anticipation be known in the comments section.

Terminator Salvation is set to open on May 22nd 2009.

Source: Screen Week

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