New 'Survival of the Dead' Images

The Godfather of Zombie Films, George A. Romero

I love zombie movies. It's a weakness. To me, the worst zombie movies are still better than your run of the mill slasher film. Luckily, Hollywood usually agrees with me, as evidenced by the fact that we're never more than one year removed from a head-exploding zombie shoot 'em up. That's why I'm not worried that George A. Romero's latest zombie film, Survival of the Dead, hasn't been picked up for distribution yet. There's always money to be made in zombie films, and someone is sure to snap it up after it premieres at the Toronto Film Festival next month.

Anyway, Collider recently shared a whole batch of new images from the film. It's standard zombie fare: tottering dead people, rotting faces, gunfire. You know, the good stuff. I've shared some of the images below, but make sure to check out Collider for the full set in high-resolution.

This will be Romero's sixth "dead" film and the story follows survivors on an island off the coast of North America trying to find a cure to revert their friends and family back to their human state, while fighting off the horde.

Survival of the Dead will premiere next month at the Toronto Film Festival. If and when the movie gets picked up (for home release if anything else), we'll let you know here at Screen Rant. In the meantime, discuss Romero's latest chomp fest in the comments.

Source: Collider

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