New Star Wars Trilogy Coming in 3D?

So a rumor recently popped up online stating that there's a new Star Wars Trilogy in the pipeline that is going to be filmed in stereoscopic 3D. The rumor originated from Market Saw, who attributed the news to a source close to the Lucasfilm camp who was feeding them this exclusive info. This new 3D Star Wars would NOT be a conversion of the existing trilogy (or those prequels we do not speak of), but rather an entirely new three-part chapter in the Star Wars canon!

Another part of the rumor was that George Lucas would NOT be directing this new trilogy, but would instead produce them, handing the helming duties off to more able other seasoned directors, such as Steven Spielberg and Francis Ford Coppola, who are both friends of Lucas.

Sci-fi fans, are your heads still attached to your necks?

Fueling this latest turn of the rumor mill is (surprisingly enough) James Cameron's upcoming 3D sci-fi epic, Avatar. According to Market Saw's source, if Avatar is a smashing success (inevitably kicking off a new popular sci-fi/adventure franchise), then Lucas would have the necessary technology and motivation to give Cameron some good ol' fashioned competition by jumping back into the Star Wars universe.

But how true is any of this?

Market Saw swears that their source is someone who "SHOULD KNOW. This source is absolutely connected. So odds are it is seriously being talked about at Lucasfilm. Right now." However, the guys over at Collider have posted an article on their site diseccting this Star Wars 3D rumor, and this is what THEY came up with:

...because this was such a sensational rumor, Eric Vespe over at Ain’t It Cool News had to take time out of his day to send the Laura Wuhlhammer of Lucasfilm’s Public Relations department an e-mail asking her to confirm or deny the rumor.  She, of course, denied it. I imagine Vespe then sighed, looked at the clock, and knew he would never get those 90 seconds back.

Eric Vespe did in fact contact Laura Wuhlhammer over at Lucasfilm - not once, but twice. Upon first query, Wuhlhammer addressed the question of whether Lucasfilm was developing any Star Wars trilogy in 3D. Here was her response:

Hi Eric,

Thanks for your email. Lucasfilm is not currently working on a 3D version of the Star Wars movies.


Vespe (being the savvy guy that he is) read that and figured "Hey, she could be referring to converting the OLD Star Wars films to 3D..." and so, like any good reporter, he followed up with a more specific question. Upon second query, Wuhlhammer stuck a definitive fork in this overcooked rumor:

Hi Eric,

We do not have any Star Wars theatrical movies planned.


If that's not enough, Collider points out that Lucasfilm currently DOES have its hands full with a Star Wars project: a live-action TV series set between the events of Episode III: Revenge of The Sith and Episode IV: A New Hope. Last word was that the TV series is moving into pre-production and script prep, and would continue gearing-up into to the new year, with 2012 marked as a tentative air date. That means that Lucas and company will have their hands full trying to create a whole new mythos for the time period between the fall of Anakin and the rise of Luke Skywalker; seems like planning a whole new film trilogy (using new technology, no less) would be something of a tall order.

Collider and Ain't It Cool are shooting this one down as a wild rumor prematurely reported by Market Saw. I'm a bit fairer, so I'll keep in open mind that anything can happen in the world of movies, but I would NOT get your hopes up for a new Star Wars trilogy coming anytime soon.

New Trilogy, New Jedi?

Come 2012, if the TV series is doing well and interest in Star Wars is at a peak and 3D motion-capture tech is still improving by leaps and bounds...we'll see how George Lucas feels about taking on James Cameron's Avatar universe for the title of "most worshiped geek franchise in the world." Until then...

How do you feel about a new Star Wars trilogy using new 3D CGI technology? Do you need a new trilogy (with quality directors) to help erase the memory of the prequels? Or should the franchise be left alone before it rolls any further downhill? And just what kind of story would a new trilogy have to tell?

We'll keep you posted as these rumors inevitably get punctured by the truth.

Source: Market Saw, Collider & Ain’t It Cool News

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