New Star Wars Movie on the Way? [Updated]

Star Wars

[UPDATE: Well THAT was fast - Thomas Dolby has clarified his statement on his blog, quashing this rumor. Still, makes for a good discussion topic.]

The Internet + Hot Topic + Vague Rumors = Big News!!!  While the following isn't exactly a formal Star Wars press release, it does get the old gears turning in the mind.  /Film and AICN are to be credited with the troublemaking of pointing it out.  Namely, Thomas Dolby (best known for his musical work incorporating electronic instruments into such songs as She Blinded Me with Science) blogged the following during a visit to the home of Paul Sebastien of LucasArts:

"Last night he was telling me a little about the forthcoming Star Wars-related TV show, movie and online games—very cool indeed."

More Dolby talk and piercing analysis after the jump.

Star Wars-related.  Huh.  He could've said, "the new Star Wars film", but he didn't.  Star Wars-related sounds like a movie about the factory where R2D2 was made.  Considering the scope of all six films, we've now seen Anakin's innocence, rise, temptation, fall and demise (it could've been soooooo good).  Doesn't sound like there's much left there.  Still, any film with the franchise name attached (new characters or old) will be a big deal.  As far as the TV show, movie and online games part, makes sense that the folks over at LucasArts aren't just throwing darts at a board with pics of the Twilight stars on it.  Why are we trusting this man?  Let's look back at his blog for signs of credibility:

"I could have done without the last three SW movies."

Seems credible to me.  Who knows where this will lead, but I for one am interested.  Currently, USA is running Star Wars: The Clone Wars, a 3D CGI-animated series, created by Lucas and centered around the Grand Army of The Republic fighting the New Droid Army of the Separatists.  When I originally heard about the last three films, and the intention of making the villain the lead, showing his well-intentioned starting point and his giving in to evil, I was thrilled.  The premise is exciting enough that I'd say Episodes I, II and III are the perfect candidates for a full reboot (although I certainly doubt that's what Dolby was talking about).

No word on when a movie would be released, but USA's airing the next episode of Star Wars: The Clone Wars on Friday, January 1st.

Would you rather see a totally new spin-off from the franchise or a retelling of the first three parts?

Source: /Film, AICN

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