New Star Trek Movie To Have 1,000 Visual Effects Shots

My gut is telling me that the new Star Trek movie by J.J. Abrams is going to be great and will inject new life into the long-running franchise. I could end up being completely wrong, but that's what it feels like right now.

In a Q&A session over at, Abrams and others involved in the production answered fan questions regarding the film. Read on to get some insight into their vision for Star Trek.

First off, Visual Effects Supervisor Roger Guyett stated that there will be about 1,000 visual effects shots in the film. On a similar note, Abrams stated that they tried to use real sets and props wherever possible, within the constraints of the budget. He wants the film to be the opposite of George Lucas' last three Star Wars movies (he didn't say that specifically, but that's the gist) where actors spend all their time acting in front of green screens.

Other important points:

- They were inspired in part and have great respect for the Star Trek novels.

- When will we get the first full trailer? Try early to mid-summer.

- While being a serious stab at Trek, the film will incorporate some humor, just as the original series did.

- Abrams danced around the question of whether the Enterprise would be a CGI model or a practical one, but I'm positive it'll be CGI.

- The doors on the Enterprise will have the familiar "swoosh" sound effect. :-)

In related news, James Cawley, who is the guy who is behind the fan-based Star Trek: New Voyages will have a cameo in the film and had some things to say about his set visit. So you know, Cawley is a rabid original series fan.

His thoughts on the sets:

I like the set. The bridge is spectacular, absolutely stunning, but it is not what I would have done. But I think the fans are going to go ‘woah’ I think people are going to be genuinely stunned. I think people are going to be impressed. It is a beautiful set.

Regarding the uniforms:

The uniforms are perfect, spot on perfect. I wouldn’t have done anything any different. When I saw the look of what he was going for, he’s got it.

Keep in mind that those are the comments of a big-time Star Trek purist.

If you're interested in this movie, I highly recommend you head over to for more from the crew of Star Trek 11.


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