Screen Rant Chimes In On The New Star Trek Footage

The fourth and final scene shown was part of the final battle where Kirk and Sulu (and an unfortunate Red Shirt) battle the Romulans. Again, some great lines during this sequence, especially Spock's line about pranks. The scale for what was shown was really epic!

John Cho as Sulu in the new Star Trek movie

Diehard fans might notice that the Enterprise computer voice is NOT Majel Rodenberry's this time. The angle shown of the Enterprise as the shuttles launch from the rear of the ship was very impressive. As for Anton Yelchin as Chekov? At one point, I could have sworn he said "Quirk" instead of Kirk. And when he ran through the ship, his body language was very reminiscent of Walter Koening's Chekov. Not sure if that was intentional or not, but I had no doubt after that that he is Chekov! John Cho didn't have as many scenes featured during these twenty minutes as the other characters. This is no slight against Cho. While he did fence and sword-fight in the final scene, I'm looking forward to the full movie to see what he can do. His scenes were more action-oriented than dramatic, and there's only so much you can see in twenty minutes. As for the Red Shirt? He dies pretty spectacularly. Nice to see that tradition continue!

There are many reasons why the Classic Star Trek stories still endure, chief among them is due to the actors who played the roles. From Deforest Kelly's professionally mischievous Dr McCoy, to George Takei's stalwart Mr. Sulu, to James Doohan's Scotty (the frequently exasperated ship's engineer), the actors playing these roles are forever locked in the hearts and minds of the fans. But no two people are more synonymous with Star Trek than William Shatner and Leonard Nimoy. Shatner, as the legendary James T. Kirk, and Nimoy, as the ever-logical Mr. Spock, went on to establish Star Trek as a world-wide phenomenon.

Throughout Cinema history, iconic roles have frequently been recast. James Bond, Dracula, Robin Hood, Superman, and Batman, for example, have all featured different actors playing these roles. But for over an unprecedented 28 years, from his 1966 debut to his big-screen final curtain in 1994's Star Trek Generations, only one man had ever portrayed Captain Kirk. Likewise for Mr. Spock, who was ably portrayed by Nimoy for 25 years until 1991's Star Trek VI: Undiscovered Country ( if you don't count the four actors who Leonard Nimoy himself chose to play the roles of the aging Genesis Planet Spock in Star Trek III The Search For Spock). For the May 8, 2009 release of Star Trek, the entire original seven cast members have been recast. In this production, the featured roles of Kirk and Spock are played by Chris Pine and Zachary Quinto, respectively, and are the only two over whom the original actors, Shatner and Nimoy, had "final approval" in regards to their casting.

So overall how did I feel about the footage? I believed that Chris Pine was James T. Kirk! Zachary Quinto is Mr. Spock! I'm dying to see how all of these relationships play out when this movie comes out next year. I firmly believe that this will positively re-establish the Star Trek franchise. My hopes are for a continuing storyline in the inevitable sequels to come. What I saw tonight had a real sense of drama, pathos, comedy, tension, and urgency to it. This may upset a few of you out there, but I'm anticipating this movie more than Watchmen! This movie comes out 2 days after my birthday, and J.J. Abrams now has me looking forward to turning another year older! While this may not quite be your father's Star Trek, it is the most logical progression of the franchise. Star Trek as a concept should not stay dormant forever. Many fans have cried out that Trek should "take a break" for a while after the last disappointing TV series before returning. And now, like a powerful phoenix, this universe is about to rise again from its ashes, in what I believe will be the most powerful form we've seen in over a decade. To any of the fans who doubted Abrams' dedication to bringing you the best Star Trek, you have nothing to fear!

The Enterprise from the new Star Trek movie

And now as a bonus here are my very brief interviews with a couple of the cast members who will be taking on those iconic roles as modern day replacements. Please Note: This was not a formal interview setting. These are the results of brief handshakes and quick conversations. There were plenty of executives all angling to talk to the stars, and I didn't see any press types talking to them before I left. I didn't even see J.J. Abrams after the screening, so no questions from me. They were all fantastic and everyone I spoke to was gracious enough to sign an autograph for me. I won't bore everyone with the exchange of pleasantries, but John, if you're reading this, my girlfriend was thrilled I brought home your personalized autograph to her. Thanks!

First, Zachary Quinto, the new Mr. Spock:

Screen Rant: How do you feel about the release date being pushed back to May of next year?

Zachary Quinto: It means another six months to wait but it's definitely worth it.

SR: It looks like the studio is positioning this to be their summer blockbuster. Are you signed up to do more?

Quinto: We'll have to wait to see how well this one does.

SR: How does it feel to be taking on the role of Spock?

Quinto: Good.

SR: Great work! I can't wait to see this film.

And then I moved on to speak with Chris Pine, the new James T. Kirk:

SR: So what did you think of the new footage?

Chris Pine: I'm still shaking. That [footage] was fantastic! Those special effects look great!

SR: do you think they'll keep the music that was just used?

Chris Pine: I hope so. It was pretty good, wasn't it?

SR: How does it feel to take on the role of Kirk?

Chris Pine: Challenging.

SR: So are you signed up for more?

Chris Pine: It's a standard three picture deal. But it depends on how well this one does, if there'll be more.

Three picture deal, baby.

So what do you think? Does this make you feel better about the film or are you a Trek fan who doesn't want to see any deviation from Star Trek "canon?"

Star Trek opens on May 8, 2009.

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