New Rainbow Six Siege Operators Teased by Ubisoft

New R6 Operator Tease

UPDATE: Ubisoft unveiled the first of the two operators earlier today (May 15, 2019). The attacking operator is called Nøkk, and will have an eerie, Banshee-like aesthetic to match her stealthy playstyle. For more details, check out Ubisoft's announcement here.

The new Rainbow Six Siege operators will be coming soon, and it looks like Ubisoft is already preparing fans for their eventual reveal with a quick teaser posted to Twitter late yesterday, showcasing the two potential playstyles of the new characters in one tantalizing image. Rainbow Six Siege is gearing up for Year 4 Season 2, and the constantly improving Ubisoft title will be adding at least two new operators alongside the usual dearth of content that has made the game such an appealing long-term investment for fans of multiplayer shooters.

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We already knew a little bit about the new operators, as previous leaks had indicated that they would be an America Secret Service agent and a Danish operative that played much more stealthily than a gun-toting American might. Rainbow Six Siege has been taking bigger risks with its operators as of late, adding characters who are highly specialized or offer something that the game had not previously contained. So far, it has paid off, and it has fans excited about the potential of the new operatives heading into a crucial part of the game's Year 4  — with more multiplayer shooters available each year, Ubisoft has had to keep up the pace to maintain Rainbow Six Siege's relevancy, and the new Rainbow Six Siege operators are a big factor in keeping the game healthy.

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Ubisoft had previously revealed in the Year 4 roadmap that the second season would see the addition of the two new Rainbow Six Siege operators, one from the United States and the other from Denmark. Rainbow Six Siege leaks would later suggest that the US operator is a defender character with an optical device that makes them immune to the effects of flashbangs and smoke grenades, while the Danish attacker operator is a silent character who is invisible to cameras. The new teaser showcases both of them in their natural habitats, then — a defender prepared for an assault and the silent attacker looking to slip through the shadows and catch their prey. Here's the Tweet:

Not much else has been revealed about the two new operators, but then again, there's already a solid amount of information out about them, and it would make sense for Ubisoft to sandbag the rest for the build-up to their release. Until then, Rainbow Six Siege will be in the sort of limbo between major content releases that Ubisoft has historically navigated by providing good multiplayer events and bonuses, so it would make sense to see more of the same in the interim.

Rainbow Six Siege remains one of the most underplayed and underrated multiplayer games of its generation, and Ubisoft has continually supported it with more quality content ever since its release. With many suggesting that the thing holding the game back could be the egregiously difficult learning curve now that there's so much involved in a single game of Rainbow Six Siege, if the two new operators are more user-friendly than most, they could represent the bridge between new players and the competitive scene that sees one last resurgence of interest before the new console generation likely steals away a chunk of the playerbase.

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Source: Rainbow6Game/Twitter

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