Badass New Posters & Billboards for The Expendables

[UPDATE: Got two new hi-res images for you to enjoy!]

There are a lot of promotional goodies coming out of the Cannes Film Festival right now, the latest being some truly badass billboards and posters for Sly Stallone's upcoming tough-man action-flick throwback, The Expendables.

The new posters highlight The Expendables' headlining stars, Jet Li, Jason Statham and Sly himself. Although, with a cast that includes Mickey Rourke, Dolph Lundgren,  “Stone Cold” Steve Austin, Randy Couture, Terry Crews, Danny Trejo, Eric Roberts and Arnold Schwarzenegger (in a cameo appearance), there could've been a lot more names crammed onto that marquee.

Here are the character posters for the stars of The Expendables. Will we be seeing more of our favorite Expendables each featured on his own poster (a la Inglorious Basterds)? I guess we'll have to wait and see. For now though, we can enjoy this first crop of posters:

Do my eyes deceive me? Is that Jet Li aiming a gun??? Wow... maybe Li has truly gotten too old for all the onscreen martial arts acrobatics he used to do. Whatevs though, Jet Li with gun, Jet Li without gun... I'm sure he'll kick just as much ass as he always does. Statham's character looks like the "knife guy" in this cabal of killers. I always love the knife guy.

Now here are some shots of The Expendables billboards, as they appeared around Cannes. No, I was not at Cannes myself this year (stupid grad school), but I'm totally cool with living vicariously through the lives of other, more fortunate (read: richer) bloggers than myself. Thank Slash Film for these Cannes shots, and all these Expendables images, really:

[UPDATE: Click these Next Two Images for awesome hi-res versions!]

These billboards provide a bit of insight into the background of The Expendables: it seems as though they were part of some crazy marine unit (hence the term "expendable"), as evidenced by the militaryesque tattoo of the crow and skull (on what I assume is Sly's ripped back), and that slogan under the main billboard, "Semper Fight." Pure Genius.

We here at Screen Rant have already claimed The Expendables as one of our most-anticipated movies of next year, and if you are just hearing about this film for the first time, you definitely need to check out some of the official pics from The Expendables set, or the behind-the-scenes video of Sly and Co. at work. The movie is looking pretty awesome so far.

The Expendables is slated to hit theaters on April 23, 2010. Will you be enlisting?

Source: CraigZablo, EthelMae via Slash Film

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