Badass New (Italian) Poster For Inglourious Basterds

The posters we've had so far for Quentin Tarantino's upcoming WWII film Inglourious Basterds have mainly been character-centric ones. Released one by one, they are great little treats for any eager fans (such as myself) who are chomping at the bit for Tarantino's take on a war movie. Today we have a new poster for the film (unfortunately it's in Italian), and it's another character-centric one but this time features more than just one character.

As The Playlist points out, this new Inglourious Basterds poster isn't too dissimilar to the one for the original 1978 movie (yes, this movie is a remake, albeit a loose one). It has basically taken the style of image from the aforementioned character centric posters, and placed them in front of a wicked blood streak design with some of the rest of the characters. Take a look and see if you like the ensemble poster:

I am very much digging this new Inglourious Basterds poster, with its plain white background, contrasted by the red stripe in the middle acting as the backdrop to the bunched together cast members. No surprise that Brad Pitt is leading the charge (he's undeniably the biggest name in the movie), and that they're continuing to advertise the film as a bloody action picture, even if numerous people who've been lucky enough to see the movie say it's far from that.

Even if I'm against this type of bait-and-switch advertising, with the financial troubles that the Weinsteins currently have, it's not surprising that they're exploiting the action aspect of the Basterds to try and get as many people interested as possible. On top of the gun toatin' character shots, we also have the exaggerative tagline that translates as - "An Inglorious, Uproarious Thrill-Ride of Vengeance."

As soon as tickets become available for Inglourious Basterds, I'll be first in line to pre-book mine. I'm not just excited to see Tarantino's newest movie - as I always am - but excited to see him tackle a war movie, something that he hasn't done before. Even the negative reviews that have been released (which thankfully are in the minority) still don't turn me off from my most anticipated film of the rest 2009.

What do you make of the latest poster for Inglourious Basterds? Are you looking forward to the movie?

Inglourious Basterds is scheduled to be released on August 21st, 2009.

Source: and The Playlist

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