New 'Blood: The Last Vampire' Poster & Trailer

A new poster and trailer has appeared online for Blood: The Last Vampire. Don't recognize the name? Well, if you get your movie news solely from Screen Rant (we'd be flattered if you did...) then you logically won't recognize it as we haven't covered it up until this point. But these two new pieces of marketing were just too good not to share.

Just to bring you into the know, Blood: The Last Vampire is a live-action adaptation of an animated manga film from almost 10 years ago (a single-volume manga, as well as video game and anime cartoon series was also made). Here is the official synopsis (courtesy of MovieWeb):

On the surface, Saya is a stunning 16-year-old, but that youthful exterior hides the tormented soul of a 400-year-old "halfling." Born to a human father and a vampire mother, she has for centuries been a loner obsessed with using her samurai skills to rid the world of vampires, all the while knowing that she herself can survive only on blood like those she hunts. When she is sent onto an American military base in Tokyo by the clandestine organization she works for, Saya immediately senses that this may be her opportunity to finally destroy Onigen, the evil patriarch of all vampires. Using her superhman strength and her sword, she begins to rid the base of its evil infestation in a series of spectacular and elaborate showdowns. However, it is not until she forms her first human friendship in centuries with the young daughter of the base's general that Saya learns of her greatest power over Onigen may well be her ability for human connection...

If that doesn't convince you of how awesome the film has the potential to be, the poster and trailer is sure to do the trick. Check them both out below (click the poster for a glorious high res version):

There was a previous trailer released for the film which was a little more effectively put together, but nonetheless this one will certainly do. Although I have an issue with the fact that the whole thing is in English (simply because it's a project that seems more suited to being in Japanese), it still looks - on a basic "coolness" level - pretty damn kick-ass.

I also dig the poster - it has both a lot on there and yet somehow seems to hold back from feeling too cluttered. From the looks of the poster and the trailer, Gianna Jun (originally called Jun Ji-Hyun... why she changed her own name for the movie I do not know...) certainly looks and acts the part of a half-vampire who kills those who are half her kind.

The female Blade, anyone?

I doubt this is going to be much more than splatterings of violence, tough-talking characters and some stylish, iconic imagery. But who said there was anything wrong with that!?

What do you make of the poster and trailer for the movie? Do you like the sound of it in general?

Blood: The Last Vampire is set for a US release sometime in July this year, with a UK one set more finitely as June 17th.

Sources: FilmSchoolRejects and MovieWeb

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