New PlayStation State Of Play Coming Later This Week, Won't Have Next-Gen Plans

Sony has announced the date for its next State of Play address, which will feature announcements for upcoming PlayStation games, but won't include any information about the PlayStation 5. State of Play is Sony's answer to the Nintendo Direct, as it's a livestream that features announcements and reveal trailers for games appearing on the PlayStation platform.

Sony held its first State of Play on March 25, where it was met with such a tepid response that it caused "Nintendo Direct" to start trending on Twitter. The original State of Play didn't have many announcements and certainly didn't generate the kind of press that a Nintendo Direct creates, but it was Sony's first attempt at a Direct-style presentation and the company is still trying to nail the formula down.

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It's been announced on the PlayStation Blog that the next State of Play will take place on May 9, 2019, at 11 pm BST/Midnight CST. The presentation will be around ten minutes long, and is confirmed to feature an extended look at the upcoming remake of MediEvil, as well as revealing a brand new title. The State of Play will also feature updates concerning other upcoming PlayStation 4 games.

In a surprisingly candid move, the PlayStation Blog also confirmed that there will be no announcements regarding Sony's next-generation plans, which means that there won't be any content relating to the PlayStation 5. It's odd for a company to lower expectations before an announcement video, as the possibility of news related to the PlayStation 5 would likely have succesfully drawn in more viewers.

The first State of Play was lacking in major announcements, but that may be due to fans expecting too much from Sony. The Nintendo fans are used to seeing huge titles dropped at the end of Nintendo Directs, while Microsoft fans are used to the more in-depth look at upcoming games in the Inside Xbox series. The first State of Play offered neither of those things and mostly consisted of short trailers, several of which were for games that were already announced previously.

It seems that Sony wants to temper expectations in preparation for the next State of Play, which is why the overall content of the stream has been laid out beforehand. There's been a drip feed of information regarding the PlayStation 5 in recent weeks, and it seems as if Sony is preparing for some kind of special reveal event for the console, especially as the company won't be hosting a conference at E3 2019. The State of Play events exist mainly to promote upcoming games, and it doesn't feel as if the show has gathered enough of an audience to make it the correct platform to announce the PlayStation 5.

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Source: PlayStation Blog

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