New PlayStation Move Controller May Be On The Way

Playstation Move Controller

The home-gaming console industry has been in a curious state of flux for most of its current generation, with increased demands for power and new technologies not only raising production costs but keeping companies decidedly on their toes. Now, Sony is set to release an update to the Playstation 4 much sooner than expected in the console's lifespan; plus, Microsoft is eyeing a mysterious new product called Scorpio and Nintendo is looking to reinvent the market once again with the potentially game-changing NX device. Meanwhile, the looming specter of a possible VR gold rush looms over all.

Now comes word that Sony's ambitious Playstation plans may include an update to Move, the brand's largely-unutilized motion-controller technology.

VR gaming-focused news site UploadVR reports that a filing at an Indonesian certification agency by Sony for the Playstation Move was recently executed using a different model number from the previous filing, a move that would typically indicate a change or revision to the product being certified. A new certification was also requested for the standard Playstation 4 dualshock controller, indicating that the more traditional hardware could be in for a tweaking as well.

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The news comes with Sony set to host a major media event in New York City on September 7th, which is widely expected to mark the official reveal of the new "slim" PS4 model and the so-called "Playstation NEO." The latter is purported to be an upgraded PS4 capable of displaying game graphics at 4K resolution and also rumored to include enhanced VR functionality. It could conceivably be a good reason to upgrade the Move tech, as the movement-tracking controllers would need enhanced functionality in order to be used as Playstation's answer to the hand-held components of rival VR setups.

Released in 2010 as part of a major effort to copy the unprecedented massive success of Nintendo's original Wii console (which became an international consumer craze in 2006 thanks largely to its unique motion-based controls), Playstation Move was based around wand-shaped hand-held controllers integrated with the PS3's "Playstation Eye" technology that allowed players to control certain games by moving their hands and body positions, translating those movements into in-game action.

While launched with much fanfare (along with Microsoft's Kinect product line), neither competing product managed to replicate anywhere near the Wii's success with motion-based gaming - both arriving at a point when the Wii itself had begun to see a sales slowdown as interest in motion-controls declined. However, the integration of gesture-controls into gaming's latest VR fad has reignited interest in such tech, making it easy to imagine Playstation Move being properly revived as well.

Source: UploadVR

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