New Promo Image From Dragonball Movie

Here's a new promo image from the live-action Dragonball movie. The new picture features Goku (Justin Chatwin) looking real chummy with best friend Bulma (Emmy Rossum). It's an all right picture, but the hairstyles and that "ironic" t-shirt Chatwin is wearing worry me. It makes it look like the film is trying too hard to imitate the series' oscillation between kick-ass action, EXTREMELY cheesy humor, and long, still frames of characters posing, growling and looking like they might eventually do something cool. Not a big draw for the general public.

Take a look at this new Dragonball image for yourself and tell me if you don't get that same vibe.

Dragonball is slated for an April 10, 2009 release. It's being directed by James Wong.

Source: Hoy Cinema (Head on over for a MUCH larger version of the image.

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