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The folks over at First Showing pointed us to some new images from the upcoming Roland Emmerich (10,000 BC) "Humanity faces extinction and we gotta do something about it!" flick, 2012.  Nice to see so many familiar faces, including Danny Glover as the President (adding a bit more evidence to that theory connecting this film to Deep Impact and The Fifth Element) and the apparently crazy-as-ever Woody Harrelson.

The film's ensemble cast struggles to survive the global cataclysm predicted by the Mayans and at least one other dismissed prophet (Harrelson!).  I myself have seen some interesting advertisements for the film around New York, purportedly funded by the (faux) governmental agency "The Institute for Human Continuity", which ask creepy questions about where I'll be in 2012 and come pre-graffitied with that "the end is nigh" style tagging, always in red, which I feel like I've seen 50 times already (the best of which, if memory serves, was in one of the Resident Evils, in a building filled with flesh-eating zombies, that read, "this too shall pass").

2012 was co-written by Emmerich and his regular co-collaborator Harald Kloser (who co-wrote 10,000 BC and was the composer for Emmerich's The Day After Tomorrow). Seeing Kloser's extensive composer credits, I'm guessing the script will be working closely with a dramatic, orchestral, world-ending soundtrack. Couldn't hurt. John Cusack plays a science fiction writer/limo driver who will, no doubt, be competing with Danny "RIGGS!" Glover for the title of "Most Sincere Guy in this Movie".

Check out the pics:

There's something to be said for this film cleverly tying its doomsday scenario to a prophesy that already exists.  I swear that I remember May 5, 2005 getting a lot of hype in the same way (5/5/05 vs. 12/12/12) and since nothing happened, it left me disappointed and wary of ancient, calendar-based doomsday stories.  Speaking of (and more importantly), will 2012 have a new, exciting (or at least thoroughly enjoyable) take on the well-tread, cataclysmic disaster genre?

2012 will overrun Earth's theaters like so many natural disasters on November 13th, 2009.

Source: First Showing

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