Two New Nintendo Switch Models Might Launch This Summer

new nintendo switch models

There have been rumors abound regarding the Nintendo Switch and whether or not there would be other iterations of Nintendo's flagship console released in time considering the entry price point of the device. Now, it's been announced that there may be as many as two new Nintendo Switch models released this year.

There's been a lot of talk about the Nintendo Switch and what its future iterations might look like. It was rumored earlier this year that a reduced functionality version of the Switch might be made available at a more affordable price point than the full-featured version. However, it looks like the new Nintendo Switch models will actually attempt to target two different ends of the market.

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The Wall Street Journal has now reported that there are going to be two new Nintendo Switch models that could potentially be released as early as Summer 2019. Both of these models are allegedly going to be aimed at different demographics. It looks like the model at the lower price point is going to have some features missing, as predicted: it may well end up being smaller and it's not going to vibrate, which suggests an absence of detachable joy-cons.

There isn't much information out at this stage about the model that's going to occupy the higher price point, but it's highly likely that version two of the Nintendo Switch is a performance upgrade from its predecessor. That's just the way that things go with subsequent console iterations; out of the two new Nintendo Switch models, the higher powered sibling is probably going to get a processor upgrade at the very least, with additional functional or aesthetic upgrades also a possibility. Word on the street is that we're going to hear more about both of these models at E3 this year.

While we don't currently know a lot about the actual specifications that the new Nintendo Switch models are going to have, it's probably a safe bet to assume from the rumors so far that Nintendo's accelerating things with its flagship console. Hot on the heels of the news that the company is planning a collaboration with Xbox, and that Google Chrome will soon support Nintendo Switch controllers, it looks like this is just the appetizer to a big year for the company. While other companies like Microsoft, Google, and even Walmart begin to look into streaming platforms, it's reassuring in a sense to see Nintendo stick to the company's roots and go in a completely different direction.

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Source: Wall Street Journal

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