Cheaper Nintendo Switch Launching By End of June

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It's been speculated since early this year that the Nintendo Switch would see a revival in terms of new versions of the console being released worldwide. There has been talk of a most cost-effective second version of Nintendo's flagship product being developed, and now it's been reported that a cheaper Nintendo Switch model could be in consumer's hands as soon as June this year.

While it was initially thought that there would be two new variants of the Switch being contemplated by Nintendo this year — a more high-powered option as well as a cheaper Nintendo Switch model — it looks like only one of the above is going to be a reality. Nintendo has had some trouble hitting its Switch sales targets in the early portion of this year, so a revamp of its hit seller might well bring back to the magic from Year One of the product.

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It has been reported by Bloomberg that this cheaper Nintendo Switch could be looking at a launch in June 2019. Instead of a new, heavily improved version of the console being released, Bloomberg's sources also noted that the existing model would be due for some upgrades but that it wouldn't be a drastic change in the console's performance capabilities. There was no proper confirmation on whether or not the more cost-effective second release of the console would be lacking particular features that exist in the current iteration of the hardware.

cheaper nintendo switch

It's possible that this new, cheaper Nintendo Switch is going to be more focused on the portability which has been a strong selling point for the company. This could mean anything from reducing the size of the console overall to its joy cons not being removable, or it could be as simple as not packaging it with a dock. The price point of this model is currently unclear, so it's currently speculation as to how much cheaper it will actually be compared to the Day One price of the original Switch. That being said, lacking even one of the above features should push the price down on account of lack of what some might consider critical functionality (especially if the joy cons aren't removable).

What Nintendo considers commercially viable in terms of limited functionality has yet to be confirmed by the company. We would still expect this cheaper Nintendo Switch to be compatible with some of the newer features announced, like VR support. As to any other details, however, it's a waiting game until there's any official comment.

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Source: Bloomberg

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