New NBC Knight Rider Teaser

The new KITT from NBC's upcoming Knight Rider TV movie/pilot

There's a very short teaser for the new Knight Rider TV movie that NBC is floating this February, no doubt to see if the ratings are strong enough to justify an ongoing TV series. Above you're looking at the new K.I.T.T. which we've talked about before. I still don't like that they're not using a Pontiac Firebird for this. Especially since I'm absolutely sure there's a brand new version coming out as the sister vehicle to the new Camaro that premiered in the Transformers movie.

Anyway, the teaser is below and it's quite short at only 15 seconds:

I already don't like it. Having the car call Knight "Mike" instead of "Michael" just sounds... weird. It's too familiar. I always liked how formal the car sounded in the original show. Is this car going to be more like a cool buddy, or what?

I will probably tune in just for laughs and to see how bad this thing will be.

Knight Rider debuts some time in February 2008.

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